Airfield Guide
Haugesund - Karmøy (Helganes)
ICAO Code:ENHD/HAUInfo Last Validated:2009
City:HaugesundPosition:59°20'42"N 5°12'30"E
Runway(s):14/32Elevation:86 ft

Haugesund, sometimes referred to as Helganes, is an airport in Western Norway, about 80 km north of Stavanger. It is located on the island of Karmøy (pronounced Kar-mir-ee), south west of the city, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge. Haugesund used to be home base of now defunct Coast Air. However, Ryanair started international flights here serving Western Norway, following the extension of the runway.


Karmøy has a single 14/32 runway, with all facilities located to its north side. Threshold 14 points into the North Sea and is therefore not accessible over land. Views from the land side are possible but not very easy to find, as the rocky and wooded terrain, and the position of the airfield make orientating in the area a challenge.

Getting There

The airport is located on the western part of the island of Karmøy, about 10km south of the city of Haugesund. From the city, take road no.47 to the south, and turn right at road no.518 to the airport.

Around The Airport
Terminal area

The best way to start your tour around Karmøy is at the civil terminal. From the entrance road not much can be seen as the apron is higher than the road. Park your car and head to the left side of the terminal building for views on the apron. Views are not great here, so you may try to head to the southern corner of the parking lot to see everything. Photography is best in the late morning, early afternoon.

Runway 14/32 - north side

Geography around the airport makes it quite hard to find some good spots, but the views are rewarding. Head back on Helganesvegen towards the intersection with Kvalavågvegen. About 150 m before reaching the intersection, a small road to the right leads to spot 2. Before the road makes a sharp curve to the right, park your car and climb the hill on your right. This spot is about 60 ft higher than the airport and gives views of the runway. In the morning this spot is great for photography of both take-off from runway 14 and approaches for runway 32.

Runway 14/32 - east side

A bit further than spot 2, another spot can be found, which gives a different angle, but also with impressive views of the action. Spot 3 is located further down the same road; after taking a right turn you will have to park your car and work your way up the hill right in front of you. Although more or less under the approach views are great from here as well, since you are about 60 ft higher than the runway. Something different for sure!

Approach 14 - south side

Spot 4 may be on private property, but there's only one way to find out... More or even better spots may be nearby. Follow Kvalavågvegen all the way through Kvalavåg and keep right when driving through the village. This road leads to a desolate bay on just south of the airport. At the end of the road a small build-up area can be found, but the area and rocks around it provide views of approach 14. Photography should be best later in the afternoon.
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