Airfield Guide
ICAO Code:SBGW/GUJInfo Last Validated:jan08
City:Guaratinguetá, SPPosition:22°47'30"S 045°12'17"W
Runway(s):02/20Elevation:1761 ft

Guaratinguetá is a lively city and home of the technical school of the FAB. The airport houses the active aircraft of the unit but there is also a large military complex. We suspect some instructional airframes should be there as well because the airfield itself only houses a handful.


The ramps are in the south west corner. The main ramp is lined by hangars with the active aircraft. Just north of the tower is an open shed, visible from outside, with some instructional airframes.

Getting There

The airfield is to the north of the city and it is difficult to explain how to get there. Take the western most bridge over the Paraiba river and head north. The airfield should be on your right hand side now.

Around The Airport
West side view

From the small road leading past the gate you can look into the back of the instructional shed. This is just north of the gate and tower. Not all aircraft can be seen and a wall and buildings block your view to the ramp and hangars.

East side ramp view

The east side perimeter offers a view of the hangars and ramp. From Av.São Dimas you will be right opposite the active area, but normally there is not much activity here. Also, you can look into the GIA shed from afar and make out more aircraft than from spot 1.

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