Airfield Guide
ICAO Code: Info Last Validated:
City:GouviáPosition:39°38'55"N 019°51'21"E
Runway(s):waterElevation:0 ft

Some six kilometers north-west of Corfu town lies the Gouviá marina in a scenic bay. A small seaplane base is part of the marina. AirSea Lines, in operation from 2004 until 2009 or 2010, provided services from here to nearby islands and the Italian coast.


The facilities consist of little more than a mooring quay for the Twin Otter and accompanying office. The SPB is on the eastern edge of the large marina.

Getting There

Over land, a car, taxi or bus service can be used to reach the marina and seaplane base. Where the main road north from Corfu town leaves the coastline with a left turn, it enters our map at bottom right.

Around The Airport
Mooring point

As it should be around floatplanes, the quay is easily accessible for a close look, a chat and photos.


For action shots, this is one of the better options. The Twin Otters taxi by against a rustic background, with favourable light starting in the afternoon.

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