Airfield Guide
ICAO Code:EBTNInfo Last Validated:aug08
City:GoetsenhovenPosition:50°46'54"N 004°57'28"E
Runway(s):06/24, 17/35Elevation:246 ft

Once the proud home of the SF260 fleet, Goetsenhoven now only host the gliders and Cubs of the air cadets.


The main runway is east to west and north of that the main ramp is situated.

Getting There

Goetsenhoven is situated south of Tienen. Take directions Goetsenhoven from ringroad R27 (Hannuitsesteenweg).

Around The Airport

The only place we are aware of is at the Hannuitsesteenweg. From here you can see the ramps, and spot landing aircraft. Photography conditions, both on the ground and for aircraft landing, are pretty good.

From the Hannuitsesteenweg taking pics is great. This glider was shot with 140 mm digital (Arco de Heer)
From the same spot you can also document what is happening on the runway. It took 300 mm digital to shoot this Piper Cub. (Arco de Heer)
  • 122.100
    Tower (Tienen)
  • 125.375
    Tower (Tienen)
  • Gliders
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