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ICAO Code:KLUF/LUFInfo Last Validated:oct08
City:Glendale, AZPosition:33°32'06"N 112°22'59"W
Runway(s):03L/21R, 03R/21LElevation:1090 ft

Luke AFB, a.k.a. Falcon Country. If you like the F-16 Fighting Falcon, this is heaven. No less than 7 squadrons, with almost 200 examples of various types of F-16's can be found here. With it's great weather, the state of Arizona provides excellent training opportunities for the jocks of the Electric Jet.
Run by the 56th FW ('LF') of the Air Education and Training Command and its seven squadrons, Luke AFB also hosts the Reservists of the 301st FS/944th FW that borrow aircraft from the AETC units.

Getting There

Luke AFB is located on the Western outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona. Take Interstate 10's exit East Estrella Parkway, Route 303. After three and a quarter mile you cross West Camelback Road, which is on the Southern side of the map above.
When visiting Luke AFB, as important as with any other US military installation: you should stay at all times away from the fence to avoid problems with the base security forces.

Around The Airport
Runway 3

The south western end is the quiet area at Luke AFB. During most of the day spot 1 is perfect for aircraft landing at 3L and, with a little help from a shallow flown approach pattern, 3R. Going up and down Alsup Road (formerly N 159 Avenue) will ensure nice pictures of Falcons on short final. Depending on the runway and your relative position you will need 150 to 600 old fashioned millimeters to get a Falcon in full frame.
Interesting fact for our digital photographers: the northern runway is mostly in use for touch and goes, the southern one for departures and recoveries. Most of the touch and goes are performed with two ships, one of them keeping right of the runway and going around with full throttle. As the soil is very dry here the risk of sand getting in your camera is significant.

Runway 3

As the sun moves during the day, W Bethany Home Rd becomes more and more favourable for photographing aircraft approaching the Runways 3L and 3R. You will be needing 200mm for 3L, and 800mm for 3R. Be advised, the road between spots 1 and 2 is not negotiable by car, only by foot.

Runway 21

During most of the day keeping East of the approaches to runways 21 results in great shots of all aircraft landing on any of the runways 21. Be aware, most of the northern side of W Northern Avenue near spots 3 and 4 is now posted as No Parking zone.

Runway 21

The Runways 21 are the favoured runways at Luke AFB. Spot 4 is great for aircraft landing on 21L and 21R in the late afternoons and evenings, but as Northern Avenue is a busy road you will - as with spot 3 along the same road - attract some attention. Some of it will perhaps result in a visit from the security forces, even though you kept a good distance from the fence.


In the pre-sun shelter time at Luke AFB spot 5 could be used to read of a significant amount of F-16s on the ramps. In any case, this spot is great for the number crunchers among us as you have a perfect view on all interesting areas of the airfield, provided the heat haze is working with you.

In the afternoon, spot 4 gets better and better (20-01-1998, Frank Noort)
This based R.Sing.AF F-16 was shot just east of spot 4 (16-06-2006, Jason Hyatt)
  • 273.475 / 126.250
    Clearance Delivery
  • 335.800 / 133.175
  • 379.700 / 119.100
  • 282.250 / 120.500
    Approach (west & north)
  • 263.125 / 125.450
    Approach (south)
  • 120.700
    Phoenix APP/DEP
  • 349.400
    Command Post
  • 269.900 / 134.925
  • F-16A/B
  • F-16C/D
  • F-16CM/DM
  • F-16CM/DM
  • F-16CM/DM
  • F-16C/D
  • F-86F
  • F-84F
  • F-100C
  • F-104C
  • T-33A
  • F-4E
  • F-15B
  • GF-16A
  • F-16A
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