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Gap - Tallard
ICAO Code:LFNA/GATInfo Last Validated:
City:GapPosition:44°27'14"N 006°02'12"E
Runway(s):03/21, HELElevation:1966 ft

This airfield is a very active para and gliding centre. Due to excellent weather conditions and no restricting airspaces around the airfield, expect a busy airport with about 70.000 movements yearly. An ALAT unit used to be based here, but they have left.


The airfield has a single concrete runway positioned north to south and a grass runway next to it. Further to the east there is also a glider winch area. There are some aprons with hangars for civil aircraft to the west and to the north, the last crosses the road towards Tallard. The hangars in the east are for the military aircraft. South of them is an extensive area for glider storage.

Getting There

From Grenoble and Gap take the N85 towards Tallard. The airfield is located at the left side. Take the road towards Tallard to the left and you will pass the airfield at the north side.

Around The Airport
View onto the aprons

While driving towards Tallard you will have a good view onto the aprons used by the civil aircraft, both to the left and to the right. There should be some parking space available to enable a walk around.

Landing North Side

You could walk across the Chemin du Milieu towards Tallard and positioning yourself along the runway for some proper landing and take-off shots.

Landing on the South side

If you continue along the N85 and pass the airport there will be another road to the left towards Tallard. This is the D942 and this road will cross the extended runway. With northerly winds, park your car and positioning yourself here.

  • 119.100
  • 129.325
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