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ICAO Code:GCFV/FUEInfo Last Validated:
City:FuerteventuraPosition:28°27'10"N 013°51'50"W
Runway(s):01L/19R, 01R/19LElevation:85 ft

Fuerteventura airport is the only active airfield on the island and as expected, the majority of aircraft bring in holidaymakers and take others home. British and German guests make up for some 80% of the total. Not seen outside the region but regulars here are the ATRs of Binter Canarias and Islas Airways.


North of the main apron where the jets park, the commuters and some general aviation are handled. The southern apron is for cargo and again general aviation. The runway was extended to the south recently and now measures 3400m, but the landing threshold of 01 is displaced 1000m. This means aircraft landing from the south still have to aim for the old touch-down point. Part of the taxiway can serve as emergency strip.

Getting There

The drive from Puerto del Rosario, the island capital, is just five kilometres over a stretch of divided highway. Buses connect the town and the airport too. Obviously, many people will first arrive here by air in the first place.

Around The Airport

Without checking in the view from this area is limited but once in the departure lounge one can enjoy the panorama through the glass facade, and read off the numbers. Photography is not very easy, the aviobridges get in the way. Small outside terraces on either side offer little improvement as they are behind aviobridges as well.

El Matorral

From the edge of this village, that the airport was named after originally, the movements can be polled. In the afternoon the light gets good for photos with taxiing aircraft as subject, or even flying ones when using a long lens.

Final 01

Several small roads make it possible to spot and take photos here all day, one can move along with the sun.


An unpaved road follows the perimeter on this side and several good photo locations can be found. Splendid for taking down registrations too.

Final 19

Just like on the opposite side, small roads give a choice of vantage points for spotting and photos. The motorway exits for Llano del Sol provide access to this area.

Jeroen Hribar took this action shot of an Islas ATR72 from the fence opposite the terminal, so at a location mentioned under spot 4.
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  • 118.500 / 119.200
  • 257.800
  • 129.300
    Canarias Approach
  • 118.650
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