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ICAO Code:ETHF/FRZInfo Last Validated:
City:FritzlarPosition:51°06'53"N 009°17'09"E
Runway(s):12/30Elevation:566 ft

This army base in central Germany is not visited often. Obviously, the barely readable serials of the local Bo105s may be the cause of this. Furthermore, it is not near many other aviation sights of interest. But with the arrival of the new Tigers, things may change for the better.


Before the arrival of the Tigers, all activity took place from the north side of the east-west runway. Various hangars still border the ramps there, but on the south side a new complex was erected to house the more modern helicopters. The actual ramp layout might differ slightly from what is represented on our map.

Getting There

The base is located south of the town of Fritzlar. The easiest way to get there is to use highway A49 from Kassel South. Take exit 'Wabern' and head east. This will take you onto the B253 south of the base.

Around The Airport
West side

The west side of the base is pretty open and offers views of the ramp. Helicopters approaching runway 12 pass relatively close as well. You can get here by heading east on the B253 after leaving the A49 and go right once you reach the B450. The base is on your right now.

South side

Another option to view the platforms is from the south side of the base. To get here, take the small road off B450 closest to the southern base perimeter. Near the old abandoned farm there is an opportunity to read off serials, although you will need a tripod to make a Bo105...

This Bo-105 is passing very close-by at spot 1 (Oliver Jonischkeit)
At spot 2, you can see Bo-105s hovering with a magnificent backdrop (Oliver Jonischkeit)
  • 284.600 / 355.650
  • 253.500 / 135.600
  • Bo105P1
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