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ICAO Code:ETHSInfo Last Validated:aug19
City:FassbergPosition:52°55'10"N 010°11'02"E
Runway(s):06/24 (grass), 09/27, 09/27 (grass)Elevation:245 ft

This base is home to a regiment of Army NH90s and a technical school of the air force. This school owns a large number of instructional airframes and 'leftovers' of this school are normally dumped on the base before they are scrapped. A small museum, commemorating the Berlin Airlift, is located on the premises (with a C-47 Dakota).


The spotting conditions on this base are hopeless/worthless (choose one). Fixed wing aircraft have to give a 24 hour notice if the runway is to be used (i.e. there is no activity on this runway) and the local helicopters tend to leave and approach from all directions. The base is located in the middle of an area covered with woods and most of the roads surrounding the base are off-limits (military traffic only).

Only go here if you have arranged to visit the base itself!

Getting There

Getting there is easiest from the A7 highway (from Hamburg to Hanover). Coming from Hamburg, you exit the A7 at the 'Soltau Ost' exit in the direction of Lüneburg and Munster. Follow road number B71 towards Uelzen and turn right towards Celle when in Dethlingen (onto the L240). Turn left in Trauen, towards Faßberg. You will pass the runway approach lights. If you are travelling the A7 towards Hamburg, you leave the highway at the exit 'Fuhrberg/Mellendorf' and head for Celle. After you pass Fuhrberg (about 7 kilometres) you turn left towards Bergen/Bergen-Belsen. In Bergen you take the B3 (at the traffic lights) towards Celle. From this road, turn left at the second traffic lights towards Hermanssburg. Pass through Wohlde and turn left towards Müden (Örtze) and Fassberg. Pass through Müden and go left towars Fassberg.

Around The Airport
Runway 09

The only spot known for some serials (at least of fixed wing traffic) is the approach of runway 09. This is found when travelling the K79 from Fassberg to Trauen (Fassberger Strasse and Lindenstrasse). From here you can take a small dirt road towards the field to position yourself. But, as mentioned above, do not expect to be kept awake by jet noise (or any noise as a matter of fact) here. By walking towards the fence from this spot you can also find an area where remains of aircraft are sometimes dumped.

Main gate

At the main gate you are able to get a glimpse of the preserved G91 and UH-1 from the outside. To get here, follow the well-positioned signs to the main gate.

Gerben Tornij went to spot 1 and walked from there to catch this C-47 taking off during Berlin Airlift commemorations.
The G91 gate guard at spot 2. (Gerben Tornij)
  • 338.075 / 141.700
  • 379.075 / 278.325
  • 122.425
  • Various
  • NH90 TTH
  • G91R/3,
    at gate, pole mounted
  • UH-1D, at the gate, pole mounted
  • Alouette 2,
    at the gate
  • C-47A,
    at the Airlift museum as "315208 (43-15208)"
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