Airfield Guide
Etain - Rouvres
ICAO Code:LFQEInfo Last Validated:03-2012
City:EtainPosition:49°13'37"N 005°40'20"E
Runway(s):01/19Elevation:770 ft

In between the cities of Verdun and Metz is the ALAT airfield of Etain-Rouvres located. As a former USAFE base, it is quite large and at the moment it houses the 3RHC, with Gazelles and Pumas in seven of its regiments.


The runway is almost north - south located and has three dispersal areas; one at the northeast side, one at the northwest side and one at the southeast side. On the east side there is also a small apron.

Getting There

This airfield is located north of the Autoroute de l'Est, the A4/E50 from Metz to south of Verdun. Take exit 32 to the north, and drive to Etain along the D908.

Around The Airport
Northwest dispersal

From the city of Etain, you take the N18 to Longuyon and Spincourt. Where the fences are positioned along the road it is time to park your car near the motocross track at the west side, to cross the road and to have a look at the Pumas at the dispersals.

Northside landing

When you follow the N18, at the next crossroads take the small road to the right, which will give you a nice view to the Puma dispersal and the landing to the south.

Crash gate

Driving from the village of Etain, take the D906 towards Rouvres-en-Wouvre. When the road makes a turn to the right, you can enter a small road which leads to a crash gate. From this position you will have a view onto the runway.

Southeast dispersal

When you continue on the D906, the southeast dispersal will be located at your left side and gives easy access for some spotting. This is also the road to the base gate. You will also pass the runway centreline for the north landings.

Northeast dispersal

Just continue onto the D906 into the village of Rouvres-en-Woevre. From the centre, follow the D906 until the road makes a sharp right turn. Take the road at your left and drive straight on to the end, even when it turns into a dirt road. At the end you will have a view onto the northeast dispersal.

At the main gate, this preserved Alouette 3 can be photographed. (June 2005, Dino van Doorn)
  • 142.7
  • 138.1
  • 120.125/308.775
  • SA342M
  • SA341F
  • SA341F
  • SA330B
  • SA330B
  • SA342M
  • Alouette 3 behind main gate
  • SA341F at main gate
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