Airfield Guide
Colmar - Meyenheim (BA132)
ICAO Code:LFSCInfo Last Validated:03-2012
City:ColmarPosition:47°55'19"N 007°23'59"E
Runway(s):01/19Elevation:693 ft

Colmar is located in the Alsace which clearly has a German history as shown by the German-sounding names in the area. The base is reasonably OK for spotting, although prolonged stays in the open sometimes lead to visits by the Gendarmerie. Only some Gendarmerie helicopters are based here.


The base is surrounded by mainly flat farmlands but apart from the west side, it is largely surrounded by trees so not much is visible from the outside. The farmlands include a lot of cornfields that may provide a hiding in summer, but are bare in winter. All roads leading to the perimeter in the north-east corner are off-limits for the public. The smallest roads on the map are generally unpaved.

Getting There

The base is located east of the A35 from Strasbourg to Mulhouse/Basel, some 15km south of the city of Colmar. Coming from the north (city of Colmar), take exit 28 and follow the D1 to Niederhergheim. Continue to Niederentzen and Oberentzen as soon as these are posted, paralleling the autoroute. In Niederentzen, take the D18b to Rustenhart. You will pass the field on the north side. When arriving from the south (Mulhouse), use sortie 29 for Meyenheim. After crossing the autoroute, immediately turn right again and follow the D201 to Niederentzen and Oberentzen.

For the south side of the field, exit at Meyenheim for any direction of arrival by autoroute. Follow the D201 along the village and then take the D3bis towards Hirtzfelden.

Around The Airport
Runway 19 am

The easiest way to get here is to follow the D18b towards Rustenhart, and turn right onto the D8 to Hirtzfelden after passing the approach lights. Take the first gravel road to the right again. There are several mounds of excavated soil with pits next to them. Stop at the second one et voilá, you have arrived at spot 1. Parking is possible here clear of the track, not too far from the centreline and out of sight of the base. A lens of 300mm will do on any kind of (D)SLR, provided you don't mind walking closer to the centreline to take photos of arrivals. More (effective) millimetres will be better, though. Departures from 19 can be logged, but not photographed here.

Runway 19 pm

To drive here directly from Oberentzen, keep an eye on statues of Jesus on a crucifix right of the road, after passing the stream and channel. At the second one, the white one without Maria, turn right onto the gravel road into the fields. At the next junction, turn left and continue towards the mound at this site of the approach lights. Conditions are exactly like spot 1 and the two spots are connected by the same gravel track. You could climb the mounds to have a better look onto the base, but this will generally only result in a visit by the Gendarmerie.

Base Fence

The third spot on the north side of the field is the base fence at the beginning of 19. Unfortunately it is not possible to take pictures here, as the runway is hidden behind a hill. You can however observe the aircraft taking off.

Runway 01

The D3 is a through-road that does not allow you to stop and have a look at landing aircraft. In stead, take the turn-off opposite the base entrance and park somewhere near the excavation area (the small lake on the map). From here, continue on foot to find a suitable position to log or photograph the arrivals. Normally, departures from 01 will stay out of sight here. The small road south of the D3bis is off-limits for general traffic. The shortest connection between here and the north side is the route through Hirtzfelden.

This picture of Mirage F1 275/30-QN shows the kind of shots that can be made with about 300mm. (Frank Noort)
Another Mirage F1, 243/30-SN, taken at spot2 in the afternoon with 300mm on a DSLR.
  • 372.800 / 122.100
  • 257.800
  • 372.300 / 282.175
  • 362.300 / 118.950
  • 336.100
    Approach (alt)
  • 141.750 / 142.450
    • Mirage 3C in base museum
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