Airfield Guide
ICAO Code:SBCO/QNSInfo Last Validated:jan08
City:Canoas, RSPosition:29°56'45"S 051°08'40"W
Runway(s):12/30Elevation:26 ft

Canoas air base provides air defence for southern Brazil with its F-5 Tiger aircraft.


Basically, the base consists of a ramp with sun sheds, a big hangar, some smaller ones and the runway. However, the air base is surrounded by woods, rivers and scrub-land to the north, east and south. The western perimeter consists largely of a wall and suburbs built all the way up to the fence line.

Getting There

The air base is situated just north of Porto Alegre, close to Salgado Filho international airport. From Porto Alegre, simply head north on the Avenida Guilherme Schell that becomes BR-118 further north. The base is north of the BR-290 and Gravataí river and between the cities of Canoas and Cachoeirinha.

Around The Airport
West side approach runway 12

From BR-118/Schell, take Rua Onze Junho. If you can not find this, take any eastbound road. These all lead to either Fernando Ferrari or Rua Italia. Go left / head north. You should pass the threshold of runway 12. When they use this runway, the aircraft come in straight over the houses and you will see them very late.

East side approach runway 30

Take the BR-290/Estrada Osório Freeway east bound. Exit north towards Cachoeirinha on the Avenida General Flores da Cunha. Make a left into Rua Agro. Bonifácio Carvalho Bernardes and follow that to the end. There is a sharp bend to the left and a huge portal. Leave your car if it is closed and go straight into the dirt track in the bend. Try to get as far south west as you can. You should now be in the approach to runway 30. It is unclear if you can get far enough to be on the south side of the landing aircraft.

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