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Budel (Kempen Airport)
ICAO Code:EHBDInfo Last Validated:
City:WeertPosition:51°15'16"N 005°36'03"E
Runway(s):03/21, 03/21 (grass)Elevation:114 ft

Budel, now known as Kempen Airport, is a nice general aviation airfield between Eindhoven and Maastricht, close to motorway A2 (E25). Apart from the normal light singles, it also houses a couple of bigger ones like the Pilatus PC-12 and Socata TBM-700, and twins like the Partenavia P68. Even small bizjets, like the Ce525 CitationJet, frequently visit the field as there is a maintenance facility for them. Finally, Budel is worth a visit for those interested in ultralights, as this is one of the few airfields in the country where these machines are allowed to operate. Visual operations are conducted daily and instrument flights are allowed outside the daylight period.


The airport is quite open and everything is visible for the public. The hangars and aprons are on the northwest side and the ultra light strip is on the opposite side of the main runway. Trees are lining that side of the field.

Getting There

Those traveling by public transport could take a taxi from Weert train station, some 8 km away. Another option is to take a bus to Budel and walk the remaining 2 km. For drivers the A2 has exits just a few km from the airport and signs show the way. Of course, you could also fly in by private plane.

Around The Airport
Final 21

Spot number 1 is known as the local spotting hill from where you are able to shoot pictures over the fence. A picnic place with benches to sit on and view the aircraft is available here.

Holding 21

Here you can position yourself next to the taxi track, everything is fairly open.

Main ramp

The car park, airport building plus tower and main ramp are all here. It is possible to view the aircraft up close and when asking politely permission will often be given to approach hangars and other platforms.

Final 03

Also a place to view and take pictures of aircraft using either runway.

A Cessna 172 on short final runway 21, seen from spot1. (Frank van de Waardenburg)
Next to the main building it is possible to take pictures of aircraft on the ramp. This is spot3. (Frank van de Waardenburg)
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