Airfield Guide
ICAO Code:ETHBInfo Last Validated:
City:BückeburgPosition:52°16'43"N 009°04'56"E
Runway(s):08/26Elevation:230 ft

The base at Bückeburg is home to the CH-53s and EC135s of the Heeresfliegerwaffenschule (HFWS), a training unit for the German Army. The other 'half' of the HFWS can be found at Celle. Furthermore, the Heeresfliegerversuchstaffel 910 (HFVS910) is stationed here with Bo105s. The base is quite open and offers nice spotting opportunities. Photography is possible as well.
In the city of Bückeburg the Hubschrauber Museum Bückeburg is located. A museum dedicated to helicopters which is a nice add-on for a visit to the base.


All operational activity is located on the North side of the runway. Hangars housing the helicopters are situated along the Northern side of the platform. A grass runway is positioned South of the runway.

Getting There

Arriving via the A2/E30 highway, from Bielefeld to Hanover, you have to exit at exit 35 (Bad Eilsen/Bückeburg). From this exit take road number B83 towards Bückeburg and pass the village. There you will end up at a crossing with road number B65. Take the B65 towards Bückeburg and from there on follow the signs towards the "Heeres-Flugplatz" (it also has a pictogram of a helicopter).

Around The Airport
Runway 08

The helicopters use the runway to fly into the base. From this spot you can read and photograph the aircraft. You can position yourself on the bicycle path and park your car south of the base. To get here use the Achumer Strasse from the B65 towards the gate.

Southwest side

Just before you pass the runway approach lights, there is a small road to the right, take this small road and you will be driving along the fence. This road leads to a small village, from this village multiple (dirt) roads lead to the fence. The Hangars are far away but the choppers will be readable. The odd photography opportunity occurs as well.

Southeast side

From the village of Vehler, go there by using the B65 again, you can also take a small dirt road to the fence. From here additional choppers can be read.

Runway 26

As with the approach of Runway 08 it should be possible to photograph the helos when they approach via runway 26. No reports from this spot are known to us though. To get here use a road north from Vehler that runs along the small stream.

A local CH-53G shot from position 2. (DJ de Ridder)
  • 341.250 / 387.750
  • 140.400
  • 389.450
  • 124.500 / 123.300
    • Alouette 2,
      at the gate
    • UH-1D,
      on base outside simulator building
    • Bo105,
      on base outside simulator building
    • H-34A,
      on base outside simulator building
    • H-21C,
      on base outside simulator building
    • Mi-8PS,
      between two hangars on the western side of the base
    • Mi-24P,
      between hangars on the western side of the base
    • The official site for the Hubschrauber Museum Bückeburg
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