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Beograd - Nikola Tesla
ICAO Code:LYBE/BEGInfo Last Validated:03-2019
City:BeogradPosition:44°49'06"N 020°18'33"E
Runway(s):12/30Elevation:335 ft

The international airport of Beograd, better known by its former name Surcin, was renamed on 10 July 2006 after Nikola Tesla, the Serb-American inventor of the radio. It serves as the main international airport of Serbia and is well worth a visit, for both its good spotting possibilities as well as the excellent museum.


Nikola Tesla has a single runway 12/30. All facilities are housed on the south side of the runway and can easily be reached by the airport's highway exit. As the airport is in open and flat terrain, views are generally very good.

Getting There

From Beograd, take autoput 1/E70 to Banja Luka and Zagreb. The airport exit is about 15kms from Beograd town center.

Around The Airport
North side approach 12

The north side of approach 12 can be reached by taking the firs dirt road on your left after coming from the highway and crossing it. Follow the road past the 12 threshold and find a suitable spot to park your car. Views of aircraf on finals for runway 12 are good for photography until around 11.00am.

South side approach 12

After coming from spot 1, head back on the dirt road towards the airport road. Either cross the road on the dirt track or stay on the same side of the road. This spot is good after 11.00am, although you might find the aircraft coming in a bit higher than preferred.


Although not a spot to watch operational activities, the Museum of Yugoslav Aviation is a great place to spend a few hours, with more than 200 aircraft on site of which 60 are actually displayed. The museum can be reached from the terminal with bus 72 and is closed on Mondays.

Taxiway to runway 12

Just west of the small terminal building, in front of the carpark is a small park. After parking your car, you can walk into the park and reach the fence near the taxiway. - update - spotting from this area is now strictly prohibited.

South side platforms

Coming from the terminal buildings, follow the road to the right past the main terminal and general aviation buildings. From the southside, you can easily pole off the aircraft parked here. Make sure you do not miss the propliner wrecks and aircraft parked behind the maintenance hangar to your right.

Taxiway to runway 30

To pole off all airliners parked behind the maintenance hangar, continue on the same road to Surcin and make a stop about half way. If you park your car here and walk into the fields on your left, you can reach the taxiway leading to the 30 threshold. You may be on private property though.

South side approach 30

The 30 approach can be reached by continuing on the same road from spot 6. Turn left at the T-junction and take one of the last dirt roads to your left in the build-up area. This road leads to the 30 threshold and permits excellent views of aircraft on finals.

A good example of the possibilities at spot 2 is this Transavia B737 (Dejan Milinkovic).
After a walk, spot 6 offers great views as well (Dejan Milinkovic).
  • 118.100
  • 119.100
  • 122.925
  • Li-3, stored near spot 5
  • DC-3, stored near spot 5
  • CV440, stored near spot 5
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