Airfield Guide
Ankara - Etimesgut
ICAO Code:LTAD/ANKInfo Last Validated:2012
City:AnkaraPosition:39°56'59"N 032°41'19"E
Runway(s):11L/29R, 11R/29LElevation:2653 ft

Etimesgut is a large airfield in the south western part of Ankara, and is known for hosting the International Defense Industry, Aerospace and Maritime Fair (IDEF). It houses transport units and a maintenance center of the Turkish Air Force and serves as a base of the Turkkuse training centre. In this training centre of TAA, apart from the headquarters of the general directorate of Türkkuse, its sub-organizations of flight schools gliding, parachuting, aeromodelling and very light aeroplane schools and maintenance and ground support units are located. The airfield is also home to an interesting museum, which is open to the general public.
Beware, plane spotting is neither understood nor appreciated in Turkey!


The airfield has two east-west runways. The northern part houses the military and borders the highway. The southern part is home to the Aeronautical Association, its aircraft generally using the shorter southern runway. The museum can be found in the north east corner of the airfield.

Getting There

Etimesgut is located just south of the Ankara-Istanbul highway O-20, which acts as the Ankara ring road. The airfield is just a few kilometers west of the airfield of Güvercinlik.

Around The Airport

Driving from Istanbul to Ankara, you will find the airfield on your right just past the Etimesgut exit. After passing some hangars, make a stop at one of the gas stations on your right. From here, you will have an overview of the airfield. This is probably the best spot to obtain a good view of the storage of the Aeronautical Association as well. Coming from Ankara, try one of the driveways and parkings lots on the other side of the road for the same view.


The Ankara Hava Müzesi is situated in the north eastern corner of the airfield. Opening hours are Tuesday till Saturday from 09.00 am till 04.30 pm. It requires a small admission fee, with an additional fee for photography. The museum yard permits good views of the northern taxiway, so you might want to linger around a bit longer to view some operational activities as well.

South side approach 29R

Coming from the museum, go past the 29R threshold. There's a small neighbourhood on your left, take the first paved road after passing it. Drive around the last house and you will find an unpaved road to your right, behind a company's premises. This spot provides good views of aircraft on finals for runway 29R.

South side approach 29L

Just after the 29L approach, there's an intersection. Turn left here and park your car at the beginning of the entrance road of the company. Aircraft on finals for runway 29L are very close here and easy to read off.

Southern ramps

At the same intersection, turn right towards the home of the Aeronautical Association. Try the roads on your right to gather the serials of the aircraft parked on the ramp.

Northern ramps & south side approach 11L

After leaving the Aeronautical Association, turn right across the river and turn right after crossing the railway line. Follow the road and turn right at the large intersection, heading west. Turn right again at the next intersection, this road leads past the 11 treshold. After crossing the same river again, make a few stops on the right to pole off the aircraft parked on the air force platforms. Theoretically, this spot should be great for pictures of the 11L approach as well...

The Turkkuse Training Ctr is located on the south side of the airfield. This photo was taken on base. Kristof Catteeuw.
Another picture of the Turkkuse Training Ctr, also taken on base. Kristof Catteeuw.
  • 251.250
  • 122.100/257.800
  • 298.400
  • CN235M-100
  • Ce550
  • An-2
    PZL M18
    PZL 104
  • Except for the museum, there are no aircraft preserved at Etimesgut. The Aeronautical Association has some aircaft in storage.
  • An aerial overview of Etimesgut airfield
  • Official website of the Turkish Aeronautical Association
  • Official website of the Ankara Air Museum.
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