Airfield Guide
ICAO Code:LGAXInfo Last Validated:
City:AlexandriaPosition:40°39'04"N 022°29'19"E
Runway(s):13/31Elevation:27 ft

This is a small army airfield situated northeast of Alexandria.


One north-south runway and a ramp with a large hangar in the southwest corner is all there is. The gate is to the southwest of the ramp and foliage and buildings obstruct a clear view from that side.

Getting There

Easiest way to get here is to take the number 4 road out of Alexandria (Αλεξάνδρεια) to Koufalia (Κουφάλια) and Thessaloniki. This is not the coastal highway but the old through road. Drive on for about 4 km and the airfield will be on your left nestled against the road.

Around The Airport
South side ramp view

Just after passing the gate, with a preserved OH-13 behind it, the helicopters and U-17 will appear on the ramp. If you drive a bit slower you will be able to read the choppers by eye sight.

East side ramp and runway view

After the airfield perimeter ends, you will have to make a left into an unpaved farmland track. This runs parallel to the runway and fence which is lined by bushes on the inside. Drive on a bit until you can cross an irrigation canal on your right hand side. You will be a bit higher now and are able to look into the hangars as well, provided they are open obviously. There were three stored Bell OH-13, but most seem to have disappeared, they were on the far north side of the ramp, straight ahead from spot 2. One should still be there.

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