The Scramble Show Reports
Puerto Cabello 2000

Date: 26 November 2000

Made by:


ARV-0202	Ce402C		Armada
ARV-0203	DHC-7		Armada
ARV-0204	C212M-200	wfu, to major o/h in Spain
ARV-0205	Ce310R		Armada
ARV-0208	Ce310R		Armada
ARV-0215	Ce402B		dump, c/n 402B-00311
ARV-0218	C212-400EE	Armada
ARV-0303	AB212ASW	Armada
ARV-0304	AB212ASW	Armada
ARV-0306	AB212ASW	Armada
ARV-0308	AB212ASW	Armada
ARV-0310	Bell 212	wreck
ARV-0401	C212MR		Armada
ARV-0403	C212MR		Armada
ARV-0404	C212MR		to major o/h in Spain
ARV-0501	Ce210E		Armada
ARV-0502	Bell 206B	Armada
ARV-0503	TH-57A		Armada
ARV-0602	B412EP		Armada
ARV-0604	B412EP		Armada
AS-0105		S-2E		preserved gate
-		TH-57A		wreck, USN c/s
CASA 212 with serial ARV-0404 was without its engines.
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