The Scramble Show Reports
Andrews 1993

Date: 15 May 1993

Made by:


82-0660/FT            A-10A        23rd Wing
83-0065/DY            B-1B         96th Wing
60-0038/KI            B-52H        410th BW
70-0452               C-5A         436th AW
73-1683               C-9C         89th AW
85-0030/SJ            KC-10A       4th Wing
73-22268              C-12C        US Army
86-0203               C-20B        89th AW
84-0076               C-21A        89th AW
83-4616               C-22B        201st ALS
63-7777               C-130E       167th ALS WV ANG
65-0966               WC-130H      403rd AW
58-0062               KC-135A      96th Wing
62-3510               KC-135R      97th AMW
58-6970               C-137B       89th AW
65-0226               C-141B       459th AW AFRes
77-0353/OK            E-3B         552nd ACW
65-0903               RF-4C        173rd RS NE ANG
88-1669/SJ            F-15E        4th Wing
79-0326/DC            F-16A        121st FS DC ANG
87-0356/LF            F-16C        58th FW "310FS"
87-0358/LF            F-16C        310th FS/58th FW
73-0711/CC            F-111F       27th FW
86-0823/HO            F-117A       49th FW
69-6636               UH-1N        89th AW
70-16420              UH-1H        MDW
90-0219               CH-47D       US Army
66-15259              AH-1F        1-224th AVN
91-0553               OH-58D       Fort Bragg
85-24443              UH-60A       Fort Eustis
88-0209               AH-64A       Fort Eustis
91-0080               T-1A         64th FRW
59-0303               T-37B        nn
70-1570               T-38A        80th FTW
65-5238/N5238F        T-41A        OTS
159489/QG-06          A-4M         VMA-131
160788/CB-06          EA-6B        VMAQ-1
163034/AA-624         EA-6B        VAQ-132
160420/AC-601         E-2C         VAW-126
153904/MG-000         F-4S         VMFA-321 (ret.)
159868/AF-104         F-14A        VF-201
161970/MG-01          F/A-18A      VMFA-321
164578/MP-08          AH-1W        HMA-773
156462/MQ-408         CH-46E       HMM-774
162502                CH-53E       USMC
159506/LW-01          P-3C         VP-68 
162739/WP-12          AV-8B        VMA-223
6031                  HH-60J       Elizabeth City
2109                  HU-25A       USCG

Far side:
79-0178/SW,80-0229/SW OA-10A       21st FS/363rd FW
85-1607/GK-001        C-31A        Golden Knights
64-0637, 64-0645      C-141B       459th AW AFRes
79-0030/TY,80-0016/TY F-15C        1st FS/325th FW
164994/WV             C-130T       VR-48
164996/WV, 164997/WV  KC-130T      VR-48
163222/AD-111         F-14B        VF-101
162468                F/A-18A      USMC
161974/MG-02          F/A-18A      VMFA-321
                      plus codes MG-06, MG-10, MG-11
162949/KD-34          AV-8B        VMAT-203
162725/KD-37          AV-8B        VMAT-203
N904NA                T-38A        NASA Johnson

F-16A/B 121st FS DC : 78-0010, 78-0012, 78-0062
                      79-0356, 80-0481, 80-0511
                      80-0516, 80-0624 + "121FS"

Hangar far side:
158649/AF-621         EA-6B        VAQ-209
                      plus codes AF-620 en AF-623

Flying (landed after para-drop):
C-141B 437th AW: 63-8079, 65-0273, 65-0279, 66-0167
                 66-0202, 67-0004

Flightline next to ATC tower:
73-1681               C-9C         89th AW
86-0202, 86-0204      C-20B        89th AW
86-0205               C-20B        89th AW
65-9399               C-141B       62nd AW
plus two Thunderbirds F-16s.

District of Colombia Air National Guard Area:
73-1682               C-9C         89th AW
86-0375               C-21A        201st ALS
83-4612               C-22B        201st ALS
69-6655, 69-6656      UH-1N        89th AW
69-6658, 69-6669      UH-1N        89th AW
69-7538               UH-1N        89th AW

Hangar 3:
73-1212, 73-1213      C-12A        nn
83-0495, 83-0496      C-12D        nn
69-6642               UH-1N        89th AW
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