The Scramble Show Reports
Nellis 2014

Nellis AFB

Aviation nation 2014

Date: 8-11-2014
45+35 Tornado IDS GAFFTC  
ZK332/EB-J Typhoon FGR4 41sq  
71-0295 A-7D nose section  
79-0169/OT A-10C 422nd TES  
85-0069/EL B-1B 34th BS  
60-0056/MT B-52H 23rd BS  
87-0044 C-5M 22ns AS  
84-0191 KC-10A 60Ath MW  
06-4633 C-130J-30 41th AS  
60-0351 KC-135R 97th AMW  
62-4133/OF RC-135W 55th RW  
80-0138/OK E-3C 964th AACS  
74-1631/HD AF289 QF-4E 82nd ATRS  
74-1626/HD AF308 Det 1 QF-4E 82nd ATRS  
78-0504/WA F-15D 64th AGRS “57 ATG”
78-0567/WA F-15D 64th AGRS  
82-0018/WA F-15C 433rd WPS  
91-0328/WA F-15E 57th Wg “57 WG”
84-1301/WA, 87-0313/WA F-16C 64th AGRS  
93-0553/WA F-16CM 16th WPS “16 WPS”
04-4068/OT F-22A 422nd TES  
10-5009/OT F-35A 422nd TES  
90-26312/WA MH-60G 34th WPS  
92-0363/CB T-1A 48th FTS  
07-3899/EN T-6A 459th FTS  
68-8145/EN T-38C 469th FTS  
10-0101/AF T-53A 557th FTS “306 FTG”
168772/NJ-534 EA-18G VAQ-129  
168934/NJ-574 EA-18G VAQ-129  
N7755L T-41A ex USAF 69-7755  
N233JP HH-1H ex USAF 70-2478  
N5152D O-2A ex USAF 68-6880  
NX84TB CT-133 ex RCAF 21129  
N53ST C-47A 42-23518)  
N39KR L-39C ex Ukraine 533219
Static/Flight line:
N7825C F8F-2 ex USN 122674  
NX1078Z F6F-5K ex USN 70222  
N5441V P-51D ex USAAF 44-72861  
N351MX P-51D ex USAAF 44-74391  
NX83782 F4U-1A ex USN 17799  
N2550 SNJ-5 ex USN 43683  
N595JF CJ-6 -2532051  
N30801 TB-25N ex USAAF 44-30801  
N139ES L39C -31624  
NX87CN Mig-15 91051 ‘1051’  
N133HH CT-133 ex Canada 21452  
N186AM F-86F ex USAF 525012  
NX860AG F-86F ex USAF 52-4666  
NX1F CL13B-6 ex South Africa 352  
Plus the Thunderbirds with eight unidentified F-16s.
Flying from Flag ramp were:
79-171/OT, 79-199/OT A-10C 422nd TES  
83-0019/WA F-15C 433rd WPS  
83-0027/WA F-15C 433rd WPS  
90-0260/WA F-15E 17th WPS  
91-0305/WA F-15E 17th WPS  
84-1244/WA F-16C 64th AGRS  
86-0283/WA F-16C 64th AGRS  
99-4010/OT F-22A 422nd TES “422TES”
06-4128/OT F-22A 422nd TES  
09-5005/OT F-35A 422nd TES  
90-26310/OT, 91-26352 MH-60G 422nd TES  


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