The Scramble Show Reports
Ellington 2014

Ellington Field

Wings over Houston

Date: 1-2 November 2014
60-0045/BD B-52H 93BS AFRC  
96-5301 WC-130J 53rd WRS AFRC  
89-2017/OK F-16C 125thFS OK ANG  
1-10-7067 AH-64D 1-149th AVN TX ARNG  
6559 MH-65D Houston  
N941NA B377GT NASA  
N924NA T-38N NASA  
N927NA WB-57F NASA  
NL151HR P-51D ex USAAF 44-47524  
16763 C-130T Blue Angels  
94-0261 RC-26B 162nd FW AZ ANG  
168350/YQ-07 MV-22B VMM-268  
168344/YQ-04 MV-22B VMM-268  
6520, 6603 MH-65D Houston  
NX8TF F-8F-2 ex USN122637  
N17HQ Lim6R ex Poland 528  
N21EV MiG-21UM ex Czechoslovakia 1071  
N26AZ (56-3844) F-100F Collins foundation  
N524CF TA-4F ex USN 153524  
N648 T-33A ex USAF 51-6953  
N599HF AH-1S ex USAR 76-22599  
N911KK UH-1E ex USMC 153762  
N4818E TB-26C ex USAAF 44-35371  
N61650 HH-1K private  
NX91945 AD-4N ex USN 126882  
F-16CM of 125th FS, OK ANG, coded OK:
88-0534, 89-2010, 89-2022, 89-2028
AH-64D of 1-149th AVN, TX ARNG:
11-05695, 11-05698, 11-05701, 11-05702
11-05707, 11-05710, 11-05713 +1
F/A-18A^/C/D* of the Blue Angels:
163498/1, 162437/2^, 163754/3, 163758/5 163442/6, 163464/7
A lot of the warbirds were flying from the static as well. Unfortunately the report was not fully complete, so a lot of warbirds are not taken up in the report.


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