The Scramble Show Reports
NAS Whidbey Island 2014
NAS Whidbey Island Open Day
Date: 19 July 2014
161245/NH-500 EA-6B VAQ-142  
165169/NJ-129 F/A-18E i/a  
168256/NA-500 EA-18G VAQ-139  
168371/NJ-571 EA-18G VAQ-129  
165775/FW-775 MH-60S Whidbey Island SAR  
165758/FW-758 MH-60S Whidbey Island SAR  
160291/291 EP-3E VQ-1  
161129/129 P-3C VP-69  
161339, 163004 P-3C nmks  
161414/YB-414 P-3C VP-1  
P-3C of VP-46, coded RC-xxx:
161121/121, 161587/587, 161764/764, 162315/315, 162776/776
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