The Scramble Show Reports
Offut 2014

Offut AFB

Defenders of Freedom Airshow

Date: 19-20 July 2014
71-0295 A-7D nose only  
81-0966/DM A-10A 354th FS  
85-0073/DY B-1B 7th BW ‘7th OG/CC’
‘61-0023’ B-52H nose only  
87-0041 C-5B 337th AS AFRC  
83-0075 KC-10A 60th AMW  
99-0061 C-17A 97th AMW  
69-6573 AC-130H nn  
62-4129/OF TC-135W 55th WG  
63-7988 KC-135R 173rd ARS NE ANG  
80-0138/OK E-3C 552th ACW  
89-0503/SJ F-15E 4th FW  
90-0806/SW F-16C 77th FS  
92-0340/RA T-1A 99th FTS  
(08-3917)/EN T-6A 80th FTW ‘80th OG’
66-4349/EN T-38A 469th FTS  
11-72191, 11-72192 UH-72A A (-)/1-376th AVn NE ArNG  
N73CJ ‘121’ CJ-6A    
N636MG ‘AA+636’ Harvard Mk IV ex 53-4636  
NX959AD ‘26959/TT’ AD-4NA ex BuNo 126959  
N2805J ‘43-770/EN’ AC-47D ex 43-16369  
N56985 ‘21636 / E-140’ BT-13A ex 42-1636  
N60849 ‘47’ CJ-6A    
N62700 ‘19616 / 202’ BT-13A ex 41-9616  
N152CP Ce182T Civil Air Patrol  
N176PD Bell 206B Omaha Police  
N75436 B737-924ER United (retro colours)  
The T-1A was wearing Tuskegee Airmen titles on its nose.
04-4068/OT F-22A 422nd TS flew 19/7
05-4096/WA F-22A 433rd WPS flew 20/7
N28XT T-28B ex BuNo 138339  
NX60DJ as Zero AI-101 Harvard Mk IV ex RCAF 20473  
N73MG T-28B ex BuNo 138360  
N217SH/1611 Lim-5 ex Polish AF 1611  
NX289RD T-28C ex BuNo 140576  
NX757K T-28C ex BuNo 140647  
N933GC T-33AN ex Canada 21306  
N2215D T-28C ex BuNo 146281  
N5428V P-51D ex 44-73264 ‘Gunfighter’
N9109R AT-7C ex 43-33403  
N28941 T-28C ex BuNo 140553  
NX79123 P-38L ex 44-27231 ‘Ruff Stuff’
The F-22 05-4096 was wearing USAFWS titles.
F/A-18A, F/A-18C*, F/A-18D^ of the Blue Angels
162437/2, 163106/6, 163442/3*, 163451/5*, 163468/4^, 163498/1*
62-4126/OF, 62-4139/OF RC-135W 38th RS  
62-4127/OF TC-135W 38th RS  
62-4133/OF TC-135S 45th RS  
64-14848/OF RC-135V 38th RS  
64-14849/OF RC-135U 45th RS  
73-1677 (+1) E-4B 1 ACCS/55th Wg  
165833/833 C-40A nn visit 20/7
The C-40A was acting as the Blue Angels support aircraft, because their regular support, “Fat Albert” was still in maintenance.
Also there were another four RC-135s of various types. The units of the local birds were retrieved from our database.


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