The Scramble Show Reports
Ellington 2012
Wings over Houston
Date: 27 October 2012
79-0109/KC, 79-0118/LC A-10C 303th FS AFRC  
60-0051/BD B-52H 93rd BS AFRC  
68-0226 C-5A 68th AS AFRC  
1-8-8203 C-17A 62nd AW  
96-5301 WC-130J 53rd WRS AFRC  
84-0048/TD E-9A 82nd ATRS  
88-0539/OK F-16C 125th FS OK ANG  
91-0081/XL T-1A 86th FTS  
08-3906/XL T-6A 84th FTS  
164483/AF-600 E-2C VAW-77  
165815/NA-601 E-2C VAW-116  
165923/NE-107 F/A-18F VFA-2  
163643/B-243 T-45C TW-2  
163656/2-TW-200 T-45C TW-3 $
168007/YX-007 MV-22B VMM-166  
N905NA B747-123 NASA Johnson  
N904NA T-38N NASA Johnson  
09-05647 AH-64D 1-149th AVN TX NG  
6876 MH-65C New Orleans  
C-FMFU C-90A 17 Wing 3 CFFTS  
74-1627/HD QF-4E 82nd ATRS  
01-4026/TY, 02-4036/TY F-22A 43rd FS  
97-05046, 98-05050 AH-64D 1-149TH AVN TX ARNG  
99-05133, 00-05212 AH-64D 1-149TH AVN TX ARNG  
00-05217, 01-05278 AH-64D 1-149TH AVN TX ARNG  
09-05648, 09-05665 AH-64D 1-149TH AVN TX ARNG  
164763 C-130T Blue Angels  
168017/YX-14 MV-22B VMM-166  
168236/YX-16 MV-22B VMM-166  
6533 MH-65C Houston  
6561 MH-65 Houston (hangar)
F/A-18A^/C/D* of the Blue Angels:
163768/1, 163435/2, 163765/3, 163754/4 162437/5^, 163498/6, 163464/7*
Private Hangar:
164650/B-250 T-45C TW-2  
This aircraft had some technical issues and thus hangared for repairs.
This aircraft touched the Tarmac during the morning.


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