The Scramble Show Reports
China Lake 2011
NAWS China Lake Open House
Date: 15 October 2011
160436/XE-510 EA-6B VX-9  
166946/XE-501 EA-18G VX-9  
165210 F/A-18C mkd china lake/100yrs c/s  
166871/DD-206 F/A-18E VX-31  
166673/XE-250 F/A-18F VX-9  
159228/DD-002 AH-1W VX-31  
1-4-4014 MQ-9A    
160581/30-X-1/7011 S-3B VX-30  
150992/393 T-39D VX-31  
163871/DD-86 AV-8B VX-31  
188923 CF-188B nn  
Area by Control Tower:
166945/XE-500 EA-18G VX-9  
164716/XE-300 F/A-18C VX-9  
164879/XE-301 F/A-18C VX-9  
163989/DD-112 F/A-18D VX-31  
.../XE-111 F/A-18E VX-9  
165780/XE-100 F/A-18E VX-9  
166450/DD-217 F/A-18F VX-31  
166925/XE-230 F/A-18F VX-9  
166927/XE-231 F/A-18F VX-9  
166755/7 UH-1Y VX-9  
165759/DD-463 MH-60S VX-31  
Under Sun Shelters in front of Hangars:
166642/DD-500 EA-18G VX-31  
163153/DD-100 F/A-18A VX-31  
163459/XE-102 F/A-18C VX-31  
164237/XE-400 F/A-18D VX-9  
165660/DD-204 F/A-18E VX-31  
165668/DD-201 F/A-18F VX-31  
165669/DD-214 F/A-18F VX-31  
165793/DD-215 F/A-18F VX-31  
165928/DD-211 F/A-18F VX-31  
166635/DD-213 F/A-18F VX-31  
166843/DD-223 F/A-18F VX-31  
166889/XE-214 F/A-18F VX-9  
164129/DD-88 +1 AV-8B VX-31  
CF-188 behind sheds  
VX-31 Dust Devils Hangar
166754/DD-410 UH-1Y VX-31  
…/DD-464 MH-60S VX-31  
166297/DD-465 MH-60S VX-31  
Also in this hangar there was an AH-1W, an F/A-18 and an AV-8B.
Storage compound:
156640/AC-602 RA-5C    
159312/604 A-6E plus one more  
52-2669 C-97K    
N31310 C-117D    
N722NR C-117D    
150468/35 F-4N    
145528 DF-8L    
152715 F-111B    
59-2873/ED T-39B   ex AVTEL
150989 T-39D    
Plus parts from a B-29, hulk mainly, and some F-86s
57-0461 DC-130A stored  
Base museum (accessible through main gate):
152102 NTA-4F    
152936/610 A-6E    
156797 A-7E    
124587 XF4D    
138647 F-11F    
160775 YF-18A    
627479 QF-86F    
Preserved elsewhere on base:
137814/100 YA-4A    
125739/XE AD-4N    
157348/RF RF-4B    
163092/XE F/A-18A    
159224/XE AH-1J    
159249 AV-8A    
Very active security, side arms ready on their belts, no room for walkabouts… But that is a small price to pay considering the chance to visit this base!


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