The Scramble Show Reports
Holloman 2011
Holloman AFB Open House
Date: 8 October 2011
46+04 Tornado IDS GAFFTC  
ZK017 Hawk T2 BAE/(4(R)sq)  
80-0273/DM A-10C 354th FS  
86-0130/EL B-1B 37th BS  
86-0080/HT C-12J 586th FLTS  
71-0237 QF-4E 82nd ATRS  
90-0766/LF F-16C 309th FS  
91-0376/SW, 91-0398/SW F-16CM 20th FW  
04-4075/HO F-22A 49th FW  
73-22097 UH-1V White Sands MR  
10-72179 UH-72A White Sands MR  
62-3660/HT AT-38B 46th TW  
62-3715/ED T-38C 445th FLTS  
68-8139/HO T-38A 7th FS  
09-0044 CV-22B 21s SOS  
N2NA HU-16C ex 142362?  
N103NA C-47A ex USAAF 42-23669  
N7872N T-41C ex USAF 68-7872  
N53503 TBM-3S ex USN 53503  
N191CL CJ-6A Private  
N360PT CJ-6A Private  
N391ZA L-39ZA ex Romania 115  
N39KR L-39C ex Ukraine 533219  
The F-22 04-4075 stil carried 8th FS marking while this has been deactivated since 9 May 2011
04-4079/HO, 05-4089/HO F-22A 49th FW  
70-1559/ED T-38A 445th FLTS  
71-20000, 74-22367 UH-1H White Sands MR  
74-22478 UH-1H White Sands MR  
72-1478/TD QF-4E 82nd ATRS  
1-6-6164 C-17A 60th AMW  
N661NA T-28C ex USN 140661  
N933GC T-33AN 21306  
N9109R C-18S ex USAAF 42-56764  
N1042B VB-25N ex USAAF 44-30823  
N301MZ L-39C ex Ukraine 132025  
Tornado IDS of the GAFFTC:
43+23, 44+06, 45+71, 45+84
Thunderbirds F-16CM:
92-3898/1, 92-3890/2, 92-3881/3, 92-3880/4, 91-0413/5, 91-0392/6, 92-3908/7
Unfortunately only the F-16DM remained unread.
T-38 Flightlines:
ZK020 Hawk T2 BAE/4(R)sq)  
63-8215/HT, 64-13269/HT AT-38B 586th FLTS  
63-8247, 64-13261 T-38C 586thFLTS / 46thTG  
67-14923 T-38A 7th FS  
70-1559/ED T-38A 445th FLTS  
T-38A of the 7th FS, coded HO:
67-14833, 68-8172, 68-8177, 68-8204
Flying only:
82-1069/WM B-2A 393rd BS  
Gate guards:
63-7537 F-4C as 63-7535/HO  
76-0037/HO F-15A “49thFW”  
45-8557 F-80D as 49-1853/FT-853  
51-9396 F-84F pres  
56-3220/FW-220 F-100D pres  
56-0886/HM F-104C pres  
61-0145 F-105D pres  
56-0454 QF-106A pres  
79-10782 F-117A as 85-0816/HO  
9853/FT-983 T-33 pres  
60-0576/HM AT-38B 479th TTW  


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