The Scramble Show Reports
Langley AFB 2011
Langley AFB, VA Airshow
Date: 14 May 2011
85-0079/EL B-1B 34th BS  
61-0016/LA B-52H 20th BS  
69-0011 C-5B 167th AS WV ANG
03-3125 C-17A 305th AMW  
02-1434 C-130J-30 143rd AS RI ANG
62-4133/OF TC-135S 45th RS  
75-0560/OK E-3B 960th AACS  
74-117/FF F-15A 1st FW pres  
82-0046 F-15C 114t FS OR ANG
87-0190/SJ 307 FS F-15E 307th FS/4th FW  
88-1693/SJ F-15E 4th FW  
91-0347/SW, 91-0356/SW F-16C 77th FS  
08-4162/FF F-22A 1st FW  
04-4082/FF 192 FW F-22A 1st FW “192 FW”
08-928/XL T-6A 84th FTS  
67-14939 T-38C nm  
99-05097, 99-05124 AH-64D 21st CAV  
89-00136 CH-47D nn  
164496/AC-601 E-2C VAW-126  
165171/NH-410 F/A-18C VFA-86  
167870/HW-30 MH-60S HSC-26  
N524NA/524 OV-10A NASA  
N501NA/501 Cirrus SR22 NASA  
N504NA/504 Ce206H NASA  
N529NA/529 Beech B200 NASA  
N334AX Hunter F58 ATAC  
N403AX Kfir ATAC  
There was an unidentified Thunderbirds F-16 in an inflatable tent which is probably 75-0754, an traveling exhibit.
80-194/FT, 81-0967/FT A-10C 23rd FW  
08-3173 C-130J-30 317th AG  
74-1638/TD QF-4E “82th ATRS”  
Plus the Thunderbirds with an unidentified number of F-16C/D's.
F-15E 87-0190/SJ sported a red tintip and 307th FS titles. 307th FS/414th FG is a “new” AFRC unit. 414th FG was activated in March 2010 to train air & ground crew in support of 4th FW. With the red fintip, it is not clear if they borrow 4th FW aircraft or have their own. All F-22 Raptors are still grounded and were securely tucked away in their hangars.
Credits: Peter Schneider, Tim D. Scramble Message Board and its members, MAR


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