The Scramble Show Reports
Kingsville 2000

Date: 18 March 2000

Made by:


78-0619/ID	  A-10A		190thFS/ID ANG
80-0218/ID	  A-10A	        190thFS/ID ANG
72-1296		  C-130E	53rd AS       
92-3907/SW	  F-16CJ	78th FS       
86-0823/HO	  F-117A	9th FS        
56-3541/VN	  T-37B	        71st FTW      
68-8139/HO	  T-38A	        7th FS        
158030/CB-04	  EA-6B	        VMAQ-1        
161188/G-...	  UC-12B	TW-4          
160795/AF-23	  F-5E	        VFC-13        
164020/NH-307	  F/A-18C	VFA-22        
165534/NJ-204	  F/A-18E	VFA-122       
165661/XE	  F/A-18E                     
162507/TB-07	  MH-53E	HM-15         
161405/RD-405	  P-3C	        VP-47         
159747/AJ-705	  S-3B	        VS-24         
159168/A-987	  T-2C	        TW-1          
162304/G-736	  T-34C	        TW-4          
160983/G-403	  T-44A	        TW-4          
165065/B-265	  T-45A	        TW-2          
165309/WH-13	  AV-8B+	VMA-542       
2101		  HU-25B	USCG          

Flight display area:
78-0549/EG	  F-15C		60th FS
81-0021/EG	  F-15C		58th FS
93-0532/SW	  F-16CJ	78th FS
93-0534/SW	  F-16CJ	78th FS  w/o during display
161612/AD-255	  F-14A		VF-101
162688/AD-165	  F-14A		VF-101
165005/WH-14	  AV-8B		VMA-542
And the Blue Angels were also attending the show.
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