The Scramble Show Reports
Yuma 2009

Date: 13-14 May 2009

Made by:


45+17 			Tornado IDS 	GAFFTC
90-0169 		C-41A 		427th SOS
57-2603 		KC-135R 	336th ARS AFRC
86-0238, 86-0279 	F-16C 		194th FS CA ANG
73-21802 		JUH-1H 		Yuma Proving Grnd.
87-24640 		UH-60A 		WAATS AZ ARNG
67-21349 		O-2A 		Yuma Proving Grnd.
161502 			UC-12B 		H&HS
162308/QH-308 		KC-130T 	VMGR-234
167984/QB-984 		KC-130J 	VMGR-352
761554/LS-05 		F-5N 		VMFT-401
165227/WT-12 		F/A-18C 	VMFA-323
158284/QT-400 		UH-1N 		HMLA/T-303
158554/5Y-03 		HH-1N 		H&HS
161015/QT-451 		AH-1W 		HMLA/T-303
157649/YW-01 		CH-46E 		HMM-165
162482/YL-70 		CH-53E 		HMM-465
164142/WF-21 		AV-8B 		VMA-513
165311/WE-00 		AV-8B+(R) 	VMA-214
165580/WL-01 		AV-8B+ 		VMA-311
166733/EM-02 		MV-22B 		VMM-261
N4XW 			Jet Provost T5A ex RAF XW435
N39KR 			L-39C 		ex Ukr.AF 81White
N315RF 			MiG-21U 	ex HuAF 4418
N865NA 			NT-34C 		NASA Dryden
N902BB 			TS-11A 		ex Pol. AF 902
N911J 			Fokker S11 	ex KLu E-11
N933GC 			CT-133AN 	ex RCAF 21306
N946WF/TA-536 		T-6G 		ex USAF 49-3536
NX959AD/TT-959 		AD-4NA 		ex USN 126959
N7247R 			UH-1H 		Homeland Security

Flying only:
85-0069/DY, 86-0061/DY 	B-1B 		9th BS
165417/WF-05 		AV-8B+ 		VMA-513
165006/WF-01 		AV-8B+ 		VMA-513

761586/00 		F-5F 		VMFT-401
88-0521/HL, 88-0533/HL 	F-16C 		388th FW AFRC
163999/NJ-323 		F/A-18C 	VFA-125
164062/NJ-365 		F/A-18C 	VFA-125
158557/5Y-05		HH-1N 		H&HS
158762/5Y-06 		HH-1N 		H&HS

CH-53Ds of HMM 463, coded YH-xx:
156954/00, 157128/41, 157150/43, 157173/45, 157747/-51

AV-8Bs of VMA-311, coded WL-xx:
163870/310, 165385/14, 165420/06, 165425/13, 165566/08
165567/11, 165569/12, 165581/05, 165595/03

F-5Ns of VMAT 401, coded LS-xx:
761526/11, 761541/03, 761559/06, 761572/07
761579/09, 761589/01, 761576/08

158257/5Y-04 		HH-1N 		H&HS
161191 			UC-12B 		H&HS

Hangar 1:
164117WL-311 		AV-8B 		VMA-311
165587WL-07 		AV-8B+ 		VMA-311
165589WL-04 		AV-8B+ 		VMA-311

Hangar 2:
165002/WE-07 		AV-8B+ 		VMA-214
165308/WE-03 		AV-8B+(R) 	VMA-214

Hangar 3:
163868/WE-21 		AV-8B 		VMA-214    
164143/WE-20            AV-8B           VMA-214
164154/WE-22            AV-8B           VMA-214
164553/WE-04            AV-8B           VMA-214
164128/WF-22            AV-8B           VMA-214
165389/WE-05            AV-8B+(R) 	VMA-214
165421/WE-01            AV-8B+(R) 	VMA-214
165574/WE-06            AV-8B 		VMA-214    

Hangar 4:
165380/WF-02 		AV-8B+(R) 	VMA-513
165579/WF-08 		AV-8B+ 		VMA-513

148367/SH-01 		F-4B 		gate
150586/WL-01 		A-4L 		gate
158695/WF-00 		AV-8A 		gate
741570/11 		F-5E 		gate
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