The Scramble Show Reports
McConnell 2002

Date: 14 September 2002

Made by:


45+09			Tornado IDS	FTC              
751		        KC-135R		RSingAF/112sq    
79-0110/KC	        A-10A		303rd FS AFRC    
83-0068		        B-1B	        wfu, to be preserved
60-0001/LA	        B-52H	        20th BS          
70-0450		        C-5A	        97th AMW "97OG"  
01-0187		        C-17A	        62nd AW          
84-0127		        C-21A	        458th AS         
85-1607		        C-31A	        USA Para Team    
90-0164		        AC-130U	        4th SOS          
58-0126		        KC-135R	        22nd ARW         
79-0003/OK	        E-3B	        966th AACTS      
74-22420	        UH-1H	        1-114th AVN KS NG
80-23455	        UH-60A	        1-108th AVN KS NG
87-24607	        UH-60A	        nn               
93-0654/VN	        T-1A	        71st FTW         
58-1926/CB	        T-37B	        14th FTW         
165477/A-134	        T-45A	        VT-7/TW-1        
165489/A-146	        T-45A		VT-7/TW-1        
161955/1, 161983/2	F/A-18A		Blue Angels
161942/3		F/A-18A		Blue Angels
161943/4		F/A-18B		Blue Angels
161963/5, ....../6	F/A-18A		Blue Angels

22nd ARW ramps:
750			KC-135R		RSingAF/112sq
58-0035			KC-135R	        22nd ARW     
58-0071			KC-135T	        22nd ARW     
61-0311, 62-3519	KC-135R	        22nd ARW     
62-3541, 62-3559	KC-135R	        22nd ARW     
62-3565, 63-7979	KC-135R	        22nd ARW     
64-14837		KC-135R	        22nd ARW     
Plus a number of unidentified aircraft.

81-0026/FF		F-15C		71st FS         
84-0008/FF		F-15C	        94th FS         
95-3005/RA, 97-3022/RA	T-6A	        12th FTW "12FTW"
161746/4		F/A-18B	        Blue Angels     

Boeing area:
00-0001			YAL-1A		Boeing
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