The Scramble Show Reports
Maxwell 2006

Date: 8 April 2006

Made by:


79-0153/BD		A-10A		47th FS AFRC   
81-23541	        C-12D	        USAARL         
96-0004		        C-17A	        437th AW       
84-0093		        C-21A	        311th AF       
85-0035		        C-130H	        357th AS AFRC  
87-0336/AL	        F-16C	        160th FS AL ANG
00-6035/SW, 01-7050/SW	F-16CJ	        79th FS        
70-16393		UH-1V	        Flatiron Det.  
74-22326	        UH-1H	        23rd FTS       
91-00548/48K	        OH-58D(R)	C/1-14th AVN
03-05406/06A	        AH-64D		A/1-14th AVN        
95-0058/CB	        T-1A	        48th FTS        
56-3536/CB	        T-37B	        14th FTW        
68-8136/RA	        T-38A	        560th FTS       
68-8150/HO	        T-38A	        7th CTS         
163158/DR-213	        F/A-18A	        VMFA-312        
163161/DR-202	        F/A-18A	        VMFA-312        
6592		        HH-65B	        CGAS New Orleans
N500EJ		        C-54E	        ex 44-09144     
N884TA "44-48884"	T-6G	        ex 49-3190      

80-0208/FT		OA-10A		75th FS       
86-0117/DY	        B-1B	        9th BS        
85-01607	        C-31A	        Golden Knights
85-0039		        C-130H	        357th AS AFRC 
89-0495/SJ	        F-15E	        336th FS      
80-0787/HO	        F-117A	        7th FS "7FS"  
03-3691/RA, 03-3699/RA	T-6A	        12th FTW      
Plus the F-16s of the Thunderbirds and many warbirds, among which:

N22NA			T-6G		ex 49-3222 
N34B "53-0017"		T-34A	        ex 52-7636 
NL40PN			P-40N	        ex 44-7369 
NL51JC			P-51D	        ex 44-72339
N53JA			T-34A	        ex 53-3340 
NX60DJ "Zero AI-101"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20473
N86FS			CL-13A Mk5	ex Canada 23367
N134TD			T-34B		ex Bu140745
N217SH			LiM-5		nn	1C1611
N400LL			T-34B		ex Bu144093
N500DR			T-34A		ex 52-7650
N2047 "Kate 310"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20292
M3725G "Kate AII-356"	SNJ-5		ex Bu84875
N4447N "Zero AI-111"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20450
N7754 "Zero V107"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20424
N11171 "Zero AI-115"	AT-6B		ex 41-17422
N12252			T-34A		ex 55-0704
N15797 "Zero AI-114"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20408
N67208 "Val AI-257"	BT-13A		nn
NL86280			TBM-3E		ex Bu86280
N92879			SB2C-5		ex Bu83589

Parked on ramp:
99-0060			C-17A		62nd AW      
85-0037			C-130H	        357th AS AFRC
87-0199/SJ		F-15E	        335th FS     

Heritage Air Park preserved on base:
44-30649		TB-25J		pres	as "253373"
55-0057		        B-52D	        pres               
65-0660		        F-4D	        pres               
49-1301		        F-86A	        pres	as "12760" 
55-3678		        F-100D	        pres               
56-0135		        RF-101C	        pres               
61-0176		        F-105D	        pres               
59-1601		        T-38A	        pres               
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