The Scramble Show Reports
Miramar 1999

Date: 31 July 1999

Made by:


131708/HV-700/QS-708	C-119F			preserved 	c/n 10893
50835			C-117D			preserved	c/n 43321
42-72209/'90392'/QF-392 C-54A                  	preserved	c/n 10314
158646			TE-2C			i/a		

78-0629/ID		OA-10A			190th FS/ID ANG	green fin
80-0266/ID		A-10A			190th FS/ID ANG	green fin
60-0025/LA		B-52H			20th BS		blue fin
85-0004			C-5B			60th AMW	
62-3582/OF		WC-135C			45th RS		black fin
67-0002			C-141B			62nd AW		green fin
79-0008/TY		F-15D			1st FS		red fin
79-0073/TY		F-15C			1st FS		red fin
84-0811/HO		F-117A			7th FS/49th FW		
64-13271/BB		T-38A			1st RS(T)	black c/s, "9th RW"
64-13281/BB		T-38A			1st RS(T)	black c/s
65-10429/BB		T-38A			1st RS(T)	black c/s
66-8380/EN		T-38A			90th FTS	"80 FTW"
68-8150/HO		T-38A			7th FS/49th FW	black c/s
68-8185/HO		T-38A			7th FS/49th FW	black c/s
68-8186/HO		T-38A			7th FS/49th FW	black c/s
86-24534		UH-60A			247th MedDet	
6008			HH-60J			CGAS San Diego
147572/QB-572		KC-130F			VMGR-352	
160437/RM-02		EA-6B			VMAQ-4	
741529/06		F-5E			VMFT-401	
741570/11		F-5E			VMFT-401	
162400/MF-00		F/A-18A			VMFA-134	
162407/MF-03		F/A-18A			VMFA-134	desert c/s
163714/WT-01		F/A-18C			VMFA-232	spec c/s
165187/NG-205		F/A-18C			VMFA-314	
165410/CE-01		F/A-18D			VMFA(AW)-225	spec c/s
165329/WR-734		AH-1W			HMLA-775	
158773/WR-743		UH-1N			HMLA-775	c/n 31649
156421/YP-01		CH-46E			HMM-163	
162502/MS-483		MH-53E			HMH-769	
163080/YN-38		CH-53E			HMH-361	
162169/AD-630		C-2A			VAW-120	
163543/NW-04		SH-2G			HSL-84		
164458/NK-612		SH-60F			HS-4		
840456/AF-30		F-5F			VFC-13		 
159745/NK-700		S-3B			VS-35		
158978/NE-100		F-14A TARPS		preserved	ex USNavy
133119			CT-133			414sq		spec c/s
188923			CF-188B			410sq		
2847/N97869		L-29			private		ex Czech AF	
N139JT/156		L-39			private		USMarines marks, c/n 734156
01			Mig-15UTI		private		ex Sojvet AF?
N7HY			Gnat T1			private		ex Royal AF FL529, Red Arrows c/s
N143SG	/23143		Galeb G2A		private 	ex Serbia AF
N64606			H-21B			private		ex USAF 54-4001
N911TC			OH-58A			Sheriff County	ex USArmy 71-20862
N5124V/P-24V		Morrisey 2150A		private		ex USAF?
N12281			T-34A			private		ex USNavy?
N34TX/8796/AF		T-34A			private		ex USNavy?
NC13933			PT-6A			private		ex USAF?
N75052/254		Boeing N2S-3		private		ex USAF?
N51034/034		Boeing N2S-1		private		ex USAF? 
N64650/650		Boeing N2S-3		private		ex USAF?
N53153/153		Boeing N2S-3		private		ex USAF? 
N81DP			Boeing N2S		private		ex USAF?
N13YK			Yak-52			private		c/n 9311611 ex?
N114DZ/36		Nanchang CJ-6A		private 	c/n 2132018 ex?
N369BZ			Globe GC-1B		private		ex USAF?
N91445/445		North American Navion	private		ex USAF?
N53594			C-46F			Confederate AF	'47-8663', USAF c/s
N636X			Martin 404		Confederate AF 	ex USAF?
N59AF/LR		Stinson L-5		private		ex USAF?

Flightline at end of static:
158276/5Y		HH-1N			Yuma St. Flt.		
85-0059/GA		B-1B			128th BS/GA ANG	
85-1607/GK-001		C-31A			USA Para Team		
160021/QB-021		KC-130R			VMGR-352		
149815/QB-815		KC-130F			VMGR-352		
149796/QB-796		KC-130F			VMGR-352		
78-0650/DM		A-10A			354th FS	"355th Wing"
79-0210/DM		A-10A			357th FS	"355th Wing"
88-0476/HL		F-16CG			421st FS	black fin
88-0509/HL		F-16CG			421st FS	black fin
80-0789/HO		F-117A			8th FS			
161943/7		F/A-18B			Blue Angles	
N8195H/430748		TB-25N			private		ex USAF 44-30748
N7825C/122674/S-201	F-8F-2			Confederate AF 	ex USN?
N11Y/8			FG-1D			private 	ex USAF?
137760/CD-760		T-28D			private		N128KA
146260/'146120'		T-28C			private		N939Z	
47-3129/FF-129		P-51D			private		ex USAF
N2580/422580/RF-K	P-51D			private		ex USAF
N111VN/550		T-34A			private		ex USN?, black c/s
N202LD/20470/NA-50	Harvard Mk. IV		private		ex RCAF?
N49939/FG		T-6G			private		ex USAF 49-3352
N529SB			Yak-3M			private		c/n 0470104 ex?
N900EA/9		Yak-9U-M 		private		c/n 0470401 ex?
N1038A/90917/WD		SNJ-5			private 	ex USN?
N666S/93302/7Y-30 	SNJ-5			private 	ex USN?
N89014/84865/29 	SNJ-5			private 	ex USN?
N802RB			Boeing PT-17		Red Barons	ex USAF?
N803RB			Boeing PT-17		Red Barons	ex USAF?
N805RB			Boeing PT-17		Red Barons	ex USAF?
N806RB			Boeing PT-17		Red Barons	ex USAF?
N117BR			LIM-5			private		ex Polish AF, c/n 1C1529
N155J			Learjet 24B		Mig Magic Inc		

Flightline in front of static:
161959/1		F/A-18A			Blue Angles		
161963/2		F/A-18A			Blue Angles		
161983/3		F/A-18A			Blue Angles		
161969/4		F/A-18A			Blue Angles		
161962/5		F/A-18A			Blue Angles		
161955/6		F/A-18A			Blue Angles		

Based aircraft near static:
160240/QB-240		KC-130R			VMGR-352	
162889/SH-227		F/A-18A			VMFAT-101	
162902/SH-223		F/A-18A			VMFAT-101 	
163110/SH-215		F/A-18B			VMFAT-101 	
162870/SH-210		F/A-18B			VMFAT-101 	
164049/SH-275		F/A-18D			VMFAT-101 	
163734/SH-240		F/A-18D			VMFAT-101 	
164026/SH-265		F/A-18D			VMFAT-101 	
163490/SH-230		F/A-18C			VMFAT-101 	
16……/SH-218		F/A-18			VMFAT-101 	
16……/SH-247		F/A-18			VMFAT-101 	
165411/CE-02		F/A-18D			VMFA(AW)-225	
164237/CE-10		F/A-18D			VMFA(AW)-225	
164241/CE-11		F/A-18D			VMFA(AW)-225	

Based aircraft behind flightline:
162457/MF-10		F/A-18A			VMFA-134		
162438/MF-06		F/A-18A			VMFA-134			
162411/MF-04		F/A-18A			VMFA-134	desert c/s
162455/MF-09		F/A-18A			VMFA-134		
163699/WT-00		F/A-18C			VMFA-232		
163715/WT-02		F/A-18C			VMFA-232		
163773/WT-11		F/A-18C			VMFA-232		
162463/MF-11		F/A-18A			VMFA-134	desert c/s
162403/MF-02		F/A-18A			VMFA-134	desert c/s
162418/MF-05		F/A-18A			VMFA-134			
164219/CE-00		F/A-18D			VMFA(AW)-225		
165412/CE-03		F/A-18D			VMFA(AW)-225		
165416/CE-07		F/A-18D			VMFA(AW)-225		
165528/CE-09		F/A-18D			VMFA(AW)-225		
165527/CE-08		F/A-18D			VMFA(AW)-225		
161382/YJ-27		CH-53E			HMH-465		
161265/YN-23		CH-53E			HMH-361		
164360/YJ-34		CH-53E			HMH-465		
161179/YK-14		CH-53E			HMH-466		
162006/YK-06		CH-53E			HMH-466
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