The Scramble Show Reports
McGuire 2005

Date: 5/6 June 2005

Made by:


79-0113/KC		A-10A		303rd FS AFRC         
85-0073/DY		B-1B	        13th BS               
60-0022/LA		B-52H	        96th BS               
69-0023			C-5A	        137th AS NY ANG       
83-0082	                KC-10A	        305th AMW             
03-3127	                C-17A	        305th AMW             
84-0100	                C-21A	        47th AF               
92-1095	                LC-130H	        139th AS NY ANG       
58-0115	                KC-135E	        150th ARS NJ ANG      
66-7947	                C-141B	        305th AMW             
77-0116/JZ, 77-0148/JZ	F-15A	        122nd FS LA ANG       
75-0745			F-16A	        travelling exhibit    
84-1317/AC		F-16C	        119th FS NJ ANG
72-21483	        UH-1H	        NJ ArNG?              
68-16735	        OH-58C	        DE ArNG?              
..-26996	        UH-60	        EVAC                  
95-0058/CB	        T-1A	        48th FTS              
03-3685/XL	        T-6A	        85th FTS              
67-14737/RA	        T-37B	        559th FTS             
69-7076/CB	        T-38C	        50th FTS              
162644/E-285	        T-34C	        TW-5                  
6572			HH-65B	        USCG Atlantic City    

85-0032, 87-0121	KC-10A		305th AMW       
03-3126			C-17A	        305th AMW       
57-1445			KC-135E	        141st ARS NJ ANG
78-0549/EG		F-15C	        60th FS         
79-0053/EG		F-15C	        58th FS         
88-0419/HL, 90-0725/HL	F-16CG	        4th FS          
03-3677/MY, 03-3678/MY	T-6A	        479th FTW       
164763			C-130T	        Blue Angels     
And the Hornets of the Blue Angels.

NJ ANG Ramp:
55-3146, 56-3593	KC-135E		108th ARW NJ ANG
57-1464, 57-1507	KC-135E	        108th ARW NJ ANG
57-1465			KC-135E	        151st ARS TN ANG
57-2604, 58-0044	KC-135E	        108th ARW NJ ANG
58-0078, 59-1485	KC-135E	        108th ARW NJ ANG
59-1467			KC-135T	        171st ARW PA ANG
59-1497, 62-3527	KC-135E	        108th ARW NJ ANG

67-0270/NJ		F-4E		pres gate
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