The Scramble Show Reports
Miramar 2009

Date: 3 October 2009

Made by:


80-0147 		OA-10A 		357th FS
80-0205/DM 		A-10C 		357th FS
68-0213 		C-5C 		22nd AS          
79-0433                 KC-10A 		305th AMW      
58-0052                 KC-135R 	336th ARS AFRC
91-0084/VN 		T-1A 		32nd FTS
08-3912/VN              T-6A 		71 FTW  
70-1953/XL              T-38C 		47 FTW 
84-23989 		UH-60A 		717th MedCo
90-00328                AH-64A 		1-183rd AVN
158467/TM 		TA-4J 		pres
162167NG-/36 		C-2A 		VRC-40
167111/QB-111 		KC-130J 	VMGR-352
166505/NE-601           E-2C 		VAW-116    
157246/MF-08 		F-4S            pres   
761534/AF-15            F-5N            VFC-13 
761562/AF-00            F-5N            VFC-13 
900944/53 		F-16A 		NSAWC
920459/05               F-16B 		NSAWC
162429/VW-01  		F/A-18A 	VMFA-314    
163447/SH-241           F/A-18D         VMFAT-101   
164677/CE-09            F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)225 
164698/WS-200           F/A-18C         VMFA-323    
165181/WT-00 		F/A-18C         VMFA-232    
165186/WT-01            F/A-18C         VMFA-232    
165413/VK-01            F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-121
165679/NJ-101 		F/A-18F         VFA-122     
165684/CE-01 		F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-225
160055/F-24 		T-39G 		VT-86 
160978/G-457 		T-44C           VT-31 
160436/CB-03 		EA-6B           VMAQ-1
163561 			UC-12F 		Miramar
166500                  UC-35D 		Miramar
165274/UV-73  		AH-1W 		HMLA-665  
166774/QT-609           AH-1Z           HMLA/T-303
167803/QT-523           UH-1Y           HMLA/T-303
142394 			TH-13M 		pres   
153357/YW-14 		CH-46E          HMM-165
154816/YP-10            CH-46E          HMM-163
157704/YW-12 		CH-46E          HMM-165
162482/YJ-70 		CH-53E          HMH-465
162483/YN-03            CH-53E          HMH-361
163080/YK-28            CH-53E          HMH-466
162134/TX-10            SH-60B          HSL-49 
165757/NW-02            MH-60S          HSC-85 
165578/CF-01            AV-8B 		VMA-211 
N10KP 			A75N1 		Ian Purcell ‘FJ848’ 
N11HE                   ESA300 		Robin Pengelly     
N34TX                   Beech A45 	Pamela Salisbury
N110TT 			Glasair III 	IT&T Power Services
N181MH                  C-45H 		ex 51-11472              
N191CL                  CJ-6 		Richard Lee ‘101’         
N360PT                  CJ-6A 		Gary Bunn ‘B-8’          
N367EA                  TBM-850 	private                
N405ZA                  L-39ZA 		ex Romania 147          
N443KT                  L-29C 		ex Bulgaria 53           
N449RC                  Bell 205A-1 	San Diego Sheriff  
N662PD                  AS350B2 	LAPD                   
N709SD                  AS350B3 	San Diego Police       
N818NA                  YO-3A 		NASA                     
N832M  			UH-1B 		Whittier museum
N902BB                  TS-11 Iskra 	private  
N933GC                  T-33 		Gregory Colyer  
N2207 			Yak-52 		Leo Piwniczka
N2805J 			DC-3C 		American Flight Mus.
N5607V ‘OY-I/02766’ 	Stinson L-5B 	Christopher Bergen
N7300C ‘6-49/43763’ 	SNJ-5 		AAHFM
N7670C 			PV-2 		ex 37472
N30801 ‘430801’ 	TB-25N 		American Aero. fou.
N64606 			H-21B 		Classic Rotors Mus.
NL1042B 		B-25N           Ex 44-30823        
NX28CQ 			T-28C           ex 146254’         
NX243DM 		T-28C           ex 140662          
NX397ZA 		L-39ZA 		ex Romania 112
NX518WB’WB518/K-201’ 	Firefly AS6 	ex RAF
NX959AD 		AD-4N 		ex Chad 126959

158387/WF-4 		AV-8A 		VMA-513

Flightline west:
88-0457/HL, 88-0533/HL 	F-16CG 		4th FS
85-01607 		C-31A 		Golden Knights
164667/VK-07 		F/A18D 		VMFA(AW)-121
164672/VK-09 		F/A-18D 	VMFA(AW)-121
158764/5Y 		HH-1N 		Fallon  
160105/?V-50 		AH-1W           HMM-166 
160169/UV-37 		UH-1N           HMLA-267
16044(3)/UV-38 		UH-1N           HMLA-269
162547/UV-54 		AH-1W           HMLA-267
154805/YR-05 		CH-46E 		HMM-161    
157672/YR-00 		CH-46E          HMM-161    
161391/YN-01, -/YN-00 	CH-53E          HMH-361    
164359/YN-07 		CH-53E          HMH-361    
164763 			C-130T          Blue Angels
164148/CF-24 		AV-8B 		VMA-211
163869/CF-20 		AV-8B           VMA-211
163672//WL-20 		AV-8B           VMA-311
165425/WL-00 		AV-8B(R) 	VMA-311
N22NA 			T-6G 		‘93222/TA-222’
N154EH 			Bo105CBS-4 	Red Bull
N260SP 			S-2S 		Sean Tucker
NL7715C ‘G4U-413334’ 	P-51D 		Steven Hinton
NX117BR 		Lim-5 		Red Bull

KC-130Js of VMGR-352, coded QB-xxx:
166762/762, 167984/984, 167985/985

F/A-18C of VMFA-323, coded WS-xxx:
164734/207, 164730/215, 164873/WS-207, 165188/216
Strange story on these Hornets as we have two reports stating
a code WS-207, of which 164734 was read from photo.

CH-46E of HMM-163:
154822/YP-02, 156427/YP-05, 157702/YP-15

CH-53E of HMH-465, coded YJ-xx:
161382/62, 161996/64, 163072/50, .../51, .../52, .../54

CH-53E of HMH-466, coded YK-xx:
162502/27, .../20, .../22 , .../23, .../25, .../29, .../30, .../32

Canadian Snowbirds CT-114:
114013/1, 114071/2, 114131/3, 114051/4, 114172/7, 114090/8,
114161/9, 11408110

Blue Angels F/A-18A/B*:
.../1, 163106/2, 163130/3, .../4, 162411/5, 163093/6, 161711/7*,

Patriots with their L-39C:
N139RH, N239RH, N339DH, N439DH

The first two served with the Ukranian air force, and the other
two served their duties in Russia.

Flight Line East:
166764/QB-764 		KC130J 		VMGR-352
167108/QB-108           KC130J          VMGR-352
167110/QB-110           KC130J          VMGR-352
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