The Scramble Show Reports
MCAS New River 2011

Date: 14-15 May 2011

Made by: Scramble


07-7186              C-17A             437th AW
04-.743/VN           T-6A              33rd FTS  
01-5281              AH-64D            1-130th AVN  NC ARNG
163046/CB-05         EA-6B             VMAQ-1
162177/633           C-2A              VAW-120
163558               UC-12F            MCAS New River
164109/651           E-2C              VAW-120  
163169/VE-203        F/A-18A+          VMFA-115
165291/CA-32         AH-1W             HMLA-467
160456/HF-04         UH-1N             HMLA-269
154009/46-15         CH-46E            CNAT
154847/MQ-438        CH-46E            HMM-774
162521/CJ-14         CH-53E            HMH-461
166064/E-064         T-6B              TAW-5  
166485/GX-00         MV-22B            VMMT-204
166490/GX-27         MV-22B            VMMT-204  
N451BC/”463497/FT-I” P-51D             ex USAAF 44-63810
N6840D/ ‘435911’     B-26C             ex USAAF 44-35911
N9440                JRB-4             ex USN 66464
The USAF T-6 was only present on the 14th.

165004/CG-02          AV-8B            VMA-231
165356/CG-09          AV-8B            VMA-231
165803/AD-215         F/A-18E/F        VFA-106
157692/03             HH-46E           VMR-1
N39WF                 L-39C            ex 209 o/l Russian AF
N59NA                 Dakota I         ex RAF FD789
N60DJ                 Harvard MkIV     ex Canada 20473
N102YK                Yak-52           ex DOSAAF 29 gy
N624HF                UH-1H            ex USAR 66-16624
N700HS                CJ-6A            ex China AF     
N941MG                PT-17            ex USAAF 41-8342
N61268                N2S-4            ex USN 27984
N91811                CJ-6A            ex China AF

CT-114 of 431sq/Snowbirds:
114089/1, 114145/2, 114163/3, 114013/4, 114058/5, 114104/6
1140909/7, 114161/8, 114009/9, 114071/10, 114143/11

In front of VMMT-204 hangar:
165437/GX-T1          MV-22B            VMMT-204
165438/GX-T2          MV-22B            VMMT-204
166385/GX-13          MV-22B            VMMT-204
166387/GX-28          MV-22B            VMMT-204
166483/GX-20          MV-22B            VMMT-204

Ramp opposite of HMLA-167/269 hangar:
165272/TV-29          AH-1W            HMLA-167
165331/TV-27          AH-1W            HMLA-167
158289/TV-07          UH-1N            HMLA-167
160452/TV-01          UH-1N            HMLA-167
160453/TV-05          UH-1N            HMLA-167
162001/EN-48          CH-53E           HMH-464
162010/EN-49          CH-53E           HMH-464
162522/EN-54          CH-53E           HMH-464
166743/EM-01          MV-22B           VMM-261
167919/EM-00          MV-22B           VMM-261
168004/EM-03          MV-22B           VMM-261
158261                UH-1N            Derelict in grass

HMLA-269 hangar (closed, doors ajar):
160804, 158271        AH-1W            HMLA-269
160743/HF, 162555/HF  AH-1W            HMLA-269
164573/HF-27          AH-1W            HMLA-269
165043/HF-30          AH-1W            HMLA-269
165282/HF-26          AH-1W            HMLA-269
165395/HF-24          AH-1W            HMLA-269
159196/HF-03          UH-1N            HMLA-269
159777/HF-05          UH-1N            HMLA-269
160454/HF-00          UH-1N            HMLA-269
160455/HF-06          UH-1N            HMLA-269

HMLA-167 hangar (closed, door ajar):
159683/TV-00          UH-1N            HMLA-167
160170/TV-09          UH-1N            HMLA-167
165445/TV-22          UH-1N            HMLA-167
159195/TV, 161019/TV  AH-1W            HMLA-167
160805/TV-33          AH-1W            HMLA-167 
164586/TV-34          AH-1W            HMLA-167
165361/TV-36          AH-1W            HMLA-167
162546/TV             AH-1W            HMLA-167

MALS-29 hangar (closed):
163063/CJ, 161182/CJ  CH-53E           HMH-461
161258/CJ             CH-53E           HMH-461

HMT-302 ‘Phoenix’ hangar (closed)
161540/UT-04          CH-53E           HMT-302
164790/(13)           CH-53E           HMT-302
165253/22             CH-53E           HMT-302

VMM-162 hangar (closed, door ajar)
166736/YS-00          MV-22B           VMM-162
166688/YS-02          MV-22B           VMM-162
166687/YS-05          MV-22B           VMM-162
166721/YS-07          MV-22B           VMM-162
166692/YS-09          MV-22B           VMM-162
165943/YS-12          MV-22B           VMM-162
Including three with codes YS-01, YS-03, YS-10 and an unidentified example

HMH-464 ‘CONDOR’ hangar( dlosed, door ajar):
45, 52, 55, 56        CH-53E           HMH-464
Should all be EN-__?, These were previously listed under HMH-461 hangar

HMH-461 ‘Iron Horse’ hangar (closed)
161995, 163062        CH-53E            nmks
165243                CH-53E            nmks

Boneyard near Iron Horse & MALS-26 hangars:
161261/UT-03, UT-06   CH-53E            HMT-302
161541/UT-07          CH-53E            HMT-302
161991/UT-17          CH-53E            HMT-302  
162520/UT-16          CH-53E            HMT-302
162526/23             CH-53E            VMM-26
164537/UT-09          CH-53E            HMT-302
164778/UT-12          CH-53E            HMT-302
165246/20             CH-53E            HMX-1
165248/UT-14          CH-53E            HMT-302
165252/UT-00          CH-53E            HMT-302
165254/19             CH-53E            HMX-1  
165434/GX-21          MV-22B            VMMT-204
165846/YS-06          MV-22B            VMM-162
165847/YS-04          MV-22B            VMM-162
The CH-53E with only read code -21is possibly 162480 but was reported as UT-23 by MAR in this spot.

VMM-261, VMM-266 & VMM-365 connected hangar (closed)
166499/YM-05          MV-22B            VMM-365
166686/YM-03          MV-22B            VMM-365
166747/, 167912/YM-11 MV-22B            VMM-365

MV-22B of VMM-261, coded EM-xx:
165844/11, 165849/04, 166497/07, 166737/05

MV-22B of VMM-266, coded ES-xx:
165841/10, 165850/11, 165852/03, 165956/00, 166685/04
166691/05, 166718/__, 166719/09, 166725/__, 166746/07

Large hangar (VMX-22?):
161394/04  CH-53E  nmk
165845/MV-02          MV-22B            VMX-22
166492/MV-00          MV-22B            VMX-22  Read as 6482
166726/MV-03          MV-22B            VMX-22
166493/MV-01          MV-22B            VMX-22
N934JT                SNJ-4             exUSN 88-12858

VMMT-204 Hangar (closed):
165942/GX-02          MV-22B            VMMT-204
166386/GX-14          MV-22B            VMMT-204
166388, 166390        MV-22B            VMMT-204
166480/GX-30          MV-22B            VMMT-204
166481/GX-16          MV-22B            VMMT-204
166486/GX-23          MV-22B            VMMT-204
166487/GX-24          MV-22B            VMMT-204

Wash rack area:
163561                UC-12F            MCAS New River

157773/HF-40          AH-1J             Gate
160448/TV-00          UH-1N             Gate
147608/2              UH-25C            On ramp
147191/MX-29          UH-34D            Gate
153402/YS-02          CH-46E            Gate
152398/CJ-26          CH-53A            Gate

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