The Scramble Show Reports
Moody 1999

Date: 31 October 1999

Made by:


1020			MiG-15
52-3711			F-86
156686/A-815		T-2C		TW-1
164694/BM-501		F/A-18D		VMFA(AW)-224
164699/BM-502 		F/A-18D		VMFA(AW)-224
3851			F-4F		as 72-261/HO
44-30734		TB-25N		(N9079Z)
60-0366			KC-135R		19th ARG
61-0863/EN		T-38A		"88th FTS"
62-3752/CB		T-38A		14th FTW
63-9810/MY		C-130E		71st RQS
65-0988/MY		MC-130P		71st RQS
66-0342/AF-116		QF-4E		475th WEG
66-7963/EN		T-37B		80th FTW
68-8046/CB		T-37B		14th FTW
70-1580/EN		T-38A		80th FTW
79-0207/MY		OA-10A		70th FS
80-0024/EG		F-15C		58th FS
80-0054/EG		F-15D		60th FS
89-2005/MY "347th WG"	F-16CG		69thFS 
90-0772/MY		F-16CG		68th FS
95-0103			C-17A		97th AMW
97-26777/MY		HH-60G		41st RQS
N104RB			TF-104
N104RD			F-104
N155SF			T-33
N3771M			Harvard
N713JT			F4U-1
NL852D			P-51
NX2AD			AD-1

79-0216/MY		A-10A		70th FS
79-0180/FT, 81-0945/FT	A-10A		74th FS
81-0964/FT, 81-0967/FT 	A-10A		74th FS
79-0223/FT		A-10A		75th FS
85-1607			C-31A		USA PT
97-26776/MY 		HH-60G		41st RQS
97-26778/MY 		HH-60G		41st RQS
F-16CGs of 69th FS:
88-0465/MY, 88-0522/MY, 88-0528/MY, 89-2055/MY,	
89-2058/MY, 89-2060/MY, 89-2063/MY, 89-2099/MY,	
89-2150/MY, 90-0703/MY 
F-16DGs of 69th FS:
89-2166/MY, 89-2171/MY		
F-16CGs of 68th FS:
89-2102/MY, 89-2105/MY, 89-2111/MY, 89-2115/MY,
89-2116/MY, 90-0725/MY, 90-0756/MY, 90-0773/MY,
F-16DGs of 68th FS:
89-2168/MY, 90-0799/MY	

Far platform:
64-14853/MY		HC-130P		71st RQS
65-0982/MY, 65-0986/MY	HC-130P		71st RQS
65-0981/MY, 65-0987/MY	HC-130P		71st RQS
91-26356/MY		HH-60G		41st RQS
91-26237/MY		HH-60G		41st RQS
92-26464/MY 		HH-60G		41st RQS
97-26773/MY 		HH-60G		41st RQS
97-26775/MY 		HH-60G		41st RQS

87-26009*		MH-60G		nm
91-26358/MY 		HH-60G		41st RQS
97-26774/MY 		HH-60G		41st RQS
* last 2 digits unread. given by crew member.
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