The Scramble Show Reports
Tyndall 2005

Date: 14 May 2005

Made by:


142803			CT-142		402sq
188790			CF-118		433sq
45+11			Tornado IDS	GAFFTC
78-0706/DM		A-10A		357th FS "357FS/CC"
60-0046/LA		B-52H	        20th BS            
85-0007			C-5B	        436th AW           
93-0602	                C-17A	        58th AS            
84-0141	                C-21A	        375th AW           
63-8027	                KC-135R	        55th ARS           
84-0048/TD		E-9A	        82nd ATRS          
68-0338			F-4E	        nose only          
69-7234/AF212/TD	QF-4G	        82nd ATRS          
74-1652/AF254/TD	QF-4E	        82nd ATRS "53WEG"  
74-0095			F-15A	        pres, gate         
78-0573/TY		F-15D	        325th FW           
81-0048/TY		F-15C	        95th FS "95FS"     
82-0032/TY		F-15C	        2nd FS "325OG"     
83-1135, 83-1137	F-16C	        194th FS CA ANG    
83-1144			F-16C	        194th FS "144FW"   
84-1216, 84-1234	F-16C	        194th FS CA ANG    
84-1247			F-16C	        194th FS CA ANG    
02-2039/TY		F/A-22A	        325th FW           
74-22420	        UH-1H	        1-114th Avn KS ArNG
97-26772	        HH-60G	        41st RQS           
91-0099/RA	        T-1A	        12th FTW "99FTS"   
01-3632/RA	        T-6A	        12th FTW "12FTW"   
66-8004/EN	        T-37B	        80th FTW           
68-8124/RA	        T-38A	        12th FTW           
162333/HQ-462	        SH-60B	        HSL-46             
161828/E-828	        T-34C	        TW-5               
6521		        HH-65A	        USCG Mobile        
53 red		        MiG-23ML	pres, ex Lw 20+24
53 blue 2960717456	MiG-29C		pres, ex Moldavia  

Flying only:
1x			B-1B		nn
82-1067/WM		B-2A		393rd BS
60-0014/LA		B-52H		2nd BW

85-01608		C-31A		Golden Knights 
73-1171/TD		QF-4E	        82nd ATRS Det.1
78-0471/TY		F-15C	        325th FW       
78-0549/EG, 79-0053/EG	F-15C	        33rd FW        
78-0565/TY, 78-0570/TY	F-15D	        325th FW       
79-0007/TY, 79-0008/TY	F-15D	        325th FW       
79-0011/TY, 79-0012/TY	F-15D	        325th FW       
79-0014/TY		F-15D	        325th FW       
79-0016/TY, 79-0026/TY	F-15C	        325th FW       
79-0073/TY		F-15C	        1st FS "1FS"   
80-0040/TY, 80-0050/TY	F-15C	        325th FW       
80-0055/TY, 80-0056/TY	F-15D	        325th FW       
82-0033/TY, 83-0020/TY	F-15C	        325th FW       
83-0022/TY, 84-0006/TY	F-15C	        325FW          
84-1271, 84-1391	F-16C	        194th FS CA ANG
01-4025/TY, 01-4027/TY	F/A-22A	        325th FW       
02-2028/TY, 02-2031/TY	F/A-22A	        325th FW       
02-2035/TY, 02-2037/TY	F/A-22A	        325th FW       
03-3677/MY, 03-3678/MY	T-6A	        479th FTG      
67-14841/EN		T-38A	        80th FTW       
And the Canadian Snowbirds with the following CT-114s:
114009/1	114172/2	114145/3	114085/4
114081/5	114035/6	114019/7	114120/8
114099/9	114146/10	114161/11
The "9" was also identified as 114089. Confirmation would be appreciated!

N25YR			TB-25N		ex 43-27868
N138RM			O-2A		ex 68-11029
N934JT			SNJ-5		ex 27522
N1226N "29629"		P-40N		ex 42-105867
N3703G "41-24485"	B-17G		ex 44-83546
N4994V			F6F-5		ex 93879
NX12260			F4F-3		ex 12260
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