The Scramble Show Reports
March 2000

Date: 13 May 2000

Made by:


85-0071/GA		B-1B		128th BS GA ANG           
60-0018/-		B-52H	        23rd BS                   
87-0032			C-5B	        60th AMW                  
82-0191			KC-10A	        60th AMW                  
57-1428			KC-135R	        196th ARS CA ANG          
57-2598			KC-135R	        336th ARS AFRC            
99-0059			C-17A	        62nd AW                   
84-0133			C-21A	        84th AF                   
63-8084, 66-0182	C-141C	        452nd AMW AFRC            
83-1157/NY		F-16C	        138th FS NY ANG           
84-1300/FW	        F-16C	        163rd FS IN ANG           
86-0839/HO	        F-117A	        9th FS                    
66-16009?	        UH-1H	        CA ARNG                   
71-20123	        UH-1H	        2-140th AVN CA ARNG       
-		        OH58A	        CA ARNG, Thunderbirds c/s 
79-23321?	        UH-60A	        US Customs                
94-0114/CB	        T-1A	        14th FTW                  
67-14744/XL	        T-37B	        47th FTW                  
65-10373/HO	        T-38A	        7th CTS                   
70-1557/EN	        T-38A	        80th FTW                  
163941		        AH-1W	        HMT-303                   
N850NA		        F-18A	        NASA Dryden               
44-6393		        VB-17G	        preserved                 
68-0382		        F-4E	        preserved                 
68-0245		        FB-111A	        preserved                 
64-17975	        SR-71A	        preserved                 
N57ZZ		        Beech D45	ex T-34A 144016  
N427DF		        S-2T		CDF                      
N429DF		        OV-10A		CDF                      
N555ZZ		        Beech A45	ex T-34A 53-4190 
N3174G		        TB-25N		preserved                
N4103Y		        Hunter F58A	ex J-4103        
N8195H		        TB-25N		'44-30748'               
N41125		        MiG-15UTI	ex Polish AF 266 
N97869		        L-29                             

57-1459			KC-135R		196th ARS CA ANG
57-1468			KC-135R		336th ARS AFRC
58-0104			KC-135R		336th ARS AFRC
58-0058			KC-135E		465th ARS AFRC
59-1495			KC-135R		173rd ARS NE ANG
79-23299		UH-60A		US Customs
N53ZZ			Beech A45	ex T-34A 53-4179

Outside hangars:
59-1499			KC-135R		196th ARS CA ANG
61-0266			KC-135R		173rd ARS NE ANG
62-3526			KC-135R		173rd ARS NE ANG
62-3556			KC-135R		77th ARS AFRC
63-7991			KC-135R		173rd ARS NE ANG
63-7996			KC-135R		72nd ARS AFRC
64-14839		KC-135R		136th ARS NY ANG

78-0650/DM		A-10A		354th FS
79-0174/DM		A-10A		358th FS
65-9414			C-141C		452nd AMW
85-1608			C-31A		USA Parachute Team
N91RW			A-37A		ex 67-14510
N134RV			RV-1D		ex 64-14262
N177RH?			Lim-5
N217JG			Lim-5
N91945			AD4-DW
And the Thunderbirds with seven F-16s.

Main ramp:
57-1451			KC-135E		116th ARS WA ANG
5x			KC-135E		196th ARS CA ANG
65-0245 +6		C-141C		452nd AMW AFRC
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