The Scramble Show Reports
Travis 2008

Date: 30 August 2008

Made by:


142803 			CT-142 		402sq
156118 			CT-156 		NFTC
79-0155/DM 		A-10A 		"355 FW"
82-0662/DM 		OA-10A 		"355 FW" #
61-0034/MT 		B-52H 		23rd BW
87-0036 		C-5B 		22nd AS 
68-0213, 68-0216 	C-5C            22nd ARS
83-0077, 85-0029 	KC-10A 		6th ARS
84-0187 		KC-10A          9th ARS
86-0031, 86-0033 	KC-10A          6th ARS
06-6164 		C-17A 		21st AS           
84-0093                 C-21A           375th AW
66-0219                 MC-130P 	129th RQS CA ANG
58-0085                 KC-135R         336th ARS       
62-4125/OF 		RC-135W         38th RW         
85-0126/OT              F-15C 		85th TES       
86-0144/MO              F-15C           390th FS       
86-0179/MO              F-15C           390th FS       
87-0311, 87-0333 	F-16C           194th FS CA ANG
90-0411/VN 		T-1A 		32nd FTS
05-3771/VN              T-6A 		33rd FTS
64-13304/BB 		T-38A 		1st RS
68-7891/N7891N 		T-41C 		Travis AFB
80-1073/BB 		U-2S 		99th AS
162844A/NJ-367 		F/A-18A 	VFA-125
163733A/NJ-302 		F/A-18C 	VFA-125 #
162330 			SH-60B 		HSL-49
N199AB 			C-133A 		ex USAF 56-1999
N11Y 			FG-1D 		ex USN 67078 #   
N151SE/473129 		P-51D           ex USAAF 44-73129
NL151D/472777           P-51D           ex USAAF 44-72777
N242J/138242 		T-28B           ex USN 138242    
N341HP 			AS350B3 	Cal. Highway Patrol
N551H/464551 		P-51H 		ex USAAF 44-64314
N1045S/326394 		DCO-65 		nn L-5706
N3579/51678N 		ASNJ-5 		ex USN 51678
N5625V/417590 		StinsonL-5E 	ex USAAF 44-175900
N5867 			Beech 18 	Marines colours
N62382/290026 		T-13B 		ex USAAF 42-90026
N62451/42-14854 	L-5 		ex USAAF 42-14854
NX75947/140654 		T-28C 		ex USN 140654
The C-133A arrived in the morning on it’s last flight ever. This
beauty will become part of the Travis AFB museum.
# also flying

N186AM/52-5012 		F-86F 		ex USAF 52-5012
N8195H/430748 		TB-25N 		ex USAAF 44-30748A
N30801/430801 		TB-25N 		ex USAAF 44-30801A
Also the Thunderbirds were here with unidentifi ed F-16s.

Flying only:
86-0016 		C-5B 		22nd AS  
82-0192                 KC-10A 		6th ARS
07-7172                 C-17A 		21st AS 

85-0010 		C-5B 		22nd AS
86-0014 		C-5B            60th AW
86-0026, 87-0034 	C-5B            22nd AS
87-0043		 	C-5B            nn     
79-1951 		KC-10A 		9th ARS         
82-0193, 84-0185 	KC-10A          9th ARS (hangar)
86-0034, 87-0117 	KC-10A          6th ARS         
06-6155 		C-17A 		21st AS
85-01607 		C-31A 		GoldenKnights
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