The Scramble Show Reports
Minot 2003

Date: 16 August 2003

Made by:


85-0066/EL		B-1B		37th BS              
60-0005/MT		B-52H	        23rd BS "5BW"        
74-1658/AK		C-130H	        517th AS             
86-0157/MO,86-0161/MO	F-15C	        390th FS             
81-0820/ND		F-16B	        178th FS             
82-1012/ND	        F-16A	        178th FS             
86-0840/HO	        F-117A	        9th FS               
69-6607/MT	        HH-1N	        54th HF              
92-0342/XL	        T-1A	        86th FTS             
64-13271/BB	        T-38A	        1st RS               
67-14920/WM	        T-38A	        394th CTS            
67-14929/EN	        T-38A	        80th FTW             
162455/MF-10	        F/A-18A	        VMFA-134             
NX90YK		        Yak-52	        as 80 y	9010808      
N134JC		        T-34A	        ex 55-0255	G-812
NL151HR		        P-51D	        as 44-74524/YF-M     
NL420GP		        TBM-3E	        as 53420/7           
N5428V		        P-51D	        as 44-73264/CY-U     
N49739		        PT-17	        as 739	75-4462      

Westside of static:
78-0631/KC		A-10A		303rd FS          
60-0033/MT, 60-0044/MT	B-52H	        23rd BS           
60-0047/MT, 60-0051/MT	B-52H	        23rd BS           
60-0055/MT		B-52H	        23rd BS "5th OG"
60-0056/MT		B-52H	        23rd BS inside hangar          
61-0005/MT, 61-0034/MT	B-52H	        23rd BS           
2x			B-52H		23rd BS
69-6606/MT, 69-6662/MT	HH-1N	        54th HF           
..-..183		UH-1H	        stored	ex US Army

Eastside of static:
60-0007/MT, 60-0009/MT	B-52H		23rd BS
60-0021/MT, 61-0007/MT	B-52H	        23rd BS
61-0014/MT, 61-0027/MT	B-52H	        23rd BS
61-0040/MT		B-52H		23rd BS
6.-.018/-		B-52H		23rd BS	 (FY 60 or 61?)

56-0460			F-106A		pres
(58-0466)		T-33A		pres	at gate
(61-0888)		AT-38B		pres	at gate
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