The Scramble Show Reports
Offutt 1998

Date: 29 August 1998

Made by: Pete Simmonds, Scramble, Jon Houghtaling

Updated: 26 August 1999

78-0670    A-10A    DM      358FS 
86-0132    B-1B     DY      28BS      special marks "28th BS", "Oh! Hardluck" 
60-0049    B-52H    LA      20BS 
79-1950    KC-10A           60AMW/349AMW 
84-0093    C-21A            311AF 
63-7783    EC-130E          193SOS    Pennsylvania ANG 
69-6573    AC-130H          16SOS 
62-3582    EC-135F  OF      7ACCS 
63-7991    KC-135R          155ARW    Nebraska ANG 
64-14845   RC-135V  OF      38RS 
75-0559    E-3B     OK      552ACW    special marks "552ACW" 
93-1097    E-8C     WR      93ACW 
87-0205    F-15E    SJ      334FS 
89-0499    F-15E    SJ      334FS 
90-0768    F-16C    LF      56FW/63FS "Panthers" 
90-0788    F-16D    LF      56FW/63FS "Panthers" 
90-0835    F-16D    ED      412TW 
91-0463    F-16D    SW      77FS      "Gamblers" 
78-23108   AH-1F            4-9th CAV 
80-23447   UH-60A           CCAD 
88-26012   MH-60G           55SOS 
68-8073    T-37B    EN      80FTW     special marks "89thFTS" 
64-13271   T-38A    BB      9RW       special marks "9RW" 
68-10337   U-2R     BB      9RW 
159130     LC-130R  XD04    VXE-6     named "Spirit of Willy Field" 
162591     F-14A    XF135   VX-9 
159405     ES-3A    SS725   VQ-5 Det 
164769     MH-53E   BJ546   HM-14 
165089     T-45C    A110    TW-1 
142806     CC-142           402Sqn 
188923     CF-188           410Sqn 
6027       HH-60J           USCG Mobile 
XW336      Jet Provost      also civil reg N8089U 

79-0191    A-10A    MY      70FS      special marks "347Wing" 
80-0181    A-10A    MY      70FS      special marks "347Wing" 
93-0599    C-17A            437AW 
85-1608    C-31A            Golden Knights 
62-4131    RC-135W  OF      55Wg 
63-8054    RC-135   OF      55Wg 
64-14843   RC-135   OF      55Wg 
77-0139    F-15A            412TW     bare metal - no markings 
78-0088    F-16B    ED      412TW     special marks "412TW" 
85-154.    F-16C            174FS     Iowa ANG 
85-1563    F-16C            174FS     Iowa ANG 
85-1570    F-16C            174FS     Iowa ANG 
    307    UH-60 
64-13301   T-38A    BB      9RW 
151891     TC-130           Blue Angels 
160696     F-14A    AD232   VF-101 
160914     F-14A    AD240   VF-101 

Also Blue Angels F-18 1-7 (except 5) 

Flypast only 
60-0007    B-52H    MT      23BS                on Sunday 
60-0023    B-52H    MT      23BS                special marks "23BS" 
           E-4B             55Wg 

Also a great formation flypast by KC-135R, B-1B and 4 x F-15's all "MO" 
unfortunately as we had just arrived and parking the car... 
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