The Scramble Show Reports
Tyndall 1994

Date: 16 April 1994

Made by:

Updated: 30 April 2001

80-0268/BC            A-10A        172nd FS MI ANG
84-0055/DY            B-1B         337th BS
70-0466               C-5A         436th AW
85-0029/SJ            KC-10A       334th ARS
63-7796/LK            C-130E       314th AW
62-3543               KC-135R      l/n 305th ARW
65-0223               C-141B       438th AW
77-0356/OK            E-3B         965th AWACS
84-0048/WE            E-9A         82nd ATS
65-0944/AF108         QRF-4C       82nd ATS
79-0022/TY            F-15C        1st FS
84-0007/TY            F-15C        325th FW multi
89-0489/LF            F-15E        550th FS
81-0780               F-16A ADF    179th FS MN ANG
59-0043/AD227         QF-106A      82nd ATS
92-0339/RA            T-1A         99th FTS
68-8047/XL            T-37B        47th FTW "47FTW"
70-1590/CB            T-38A        50th FTS
65-10466/CB           AT-38B       49th FTS
162307/(AD)-10        F-5E         VF-43
160830                UH-1N        NCSC
161395                MH-53E       NSCS Panama City
163196/KD-06          AV-8B        VMAT-203
188730                CF-188       433sq
133333                CT-133       CAF

475th WEG Flightline:
84-0047/WE            E-9A         82nd ATS
57-2501/AD...	      QF-106A
59-0047/AD214	      QF-106A
59-0049/AD222	      QF-106A
59-0054/AD201	      QF-106A
59-0057/AD176	      QF-106A
59-0058/AD184	      QF-106A
59-0097/AD187	      QF-106A
57-2480/AD...         QF-106B
plus another 44 unidentified Delta Darts...

Flightline near static:
81-0028/TY            F-15C        325th FW multi
Local "TY" coded F-15Cs of 1st FS:
78-0475, 78-0514, 79-0058, 79-0072, 79-0073, 80-0014
80-0040, 84-0022 with 84-0017 as "1FS" plus F-15D
78-0566, 78-0570, 79-0011, 81-0064, 81-0065, 82-0045
and F-15B 77-0156
Local "TY" coded F-15As of 2nd FS:
77-0082, 77-0092, 77-0129, 77-0144, 77-0149, 77-0151
77-0152 and F-15C  78-0471, 78-0505, 79-0034, 80-0013

65-0256               C-141B       60th AW
68-0449/AF106         QF-4E        82nd ATS
73-1203/AF104         QF-4E        82nd ATS
68-0345/AF101         QF-4G        82nd ATS
88-0541/RS,89-2026/RS F-16C        512th FS
89-2035/RS,89-2050/RS F-16C        512th FS
76-0136/TY,76-0137/TY F-15B        2nd FS
77-0160/TY            F-15B        2nd FS
82-0010/FF,82-0023/FF F-15C        27th FS
83-0017/FF,83-0032/FF F-15C        27th FS
83-0041/FF,83-0043/FF F-15C        27th FS
79-0014/TY            F-15D        2nd FS
82-0044/TY            F-15D        325th FW "19AF"
83-0049/FF            F-15D        27th FS
87-0190/LF            F-15E        l/n 555th FS
69-8143/RA            T-38A        560th FTS
85-1608/GK002         C-31A        Golden Knights
162307/10             F-5E         VF-43
160830                UH-1N        NCSC
161395                MH-53E       CSZ Panama City
163196/KD-06          AV-8B        VMAT-203
188730                CF-188       433sq
133333                CT-133       CAF
163860/KD-10          TAV-8B       VMAT-203
Local "TY" coded F-15Cs of 95th FS:
79-0026, 79-0030, 80-0016, 81-0046, 81-0048, 82-0030
82-0033, 82-0034, 83-0022 and 83-0020 as "95FS"
and F-15A 77-0085, 77-0125, 77-0135, 77-0146, 77-0150
and F-15D 78-0565, 78-0568, 78-0573, 78-0574, 80-0055
and F-15B 77-0154

Hangar 1:
78-0523/TY,84-0006/TY F-15C        1st FS
81-0027/TY            F-15C        325th FW unmarked
79-0007/TY,79-0008/TY F-15D        1st FS

Hangar 2:
78-0468/TY,78-0488/TY F-15C        2nd FS
78-0535/TY            F-15C        2nd FS

Flying only:
63-7767/LK            C-130E       314th AW
64-1031/BH,66-0401/BH RF-4C        106th RS AL ANG
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