The Scramble Show Reports
New Orleans 1999

Date: 30 October 1999

Made by:


79-0197/NO		OA-10A		706th FS AFRC   
70-0558			C-5A	        439th AW        
90-0533			C-17A	        "58th AS"       
84-0099			C-21A	        47th AF         
59-1517			KC-135R	        97th AMW        
76-0062/JZ		F-15A	        122nd FS LA ANG 
81-23603		UH-60A	        1-224th AVN     
65-10376/HO		T-38A	        7th FS          
67-8204/EN		T-38A	        80th FTW        
68-8177/HO,68-8204/HO	T-38A	        7th FS          
158802/CY-02		EA-6B	        VMAQ-2          
163530/NJ-565		EA-6B	        VAQ-129         
161512/7Y		UC-12B	        Santa Clara     
161408/PZ-408		P-3C	        VP-94           
162624/E-624		T-34C	        TW-5            
163226/XF-241		F-14B	        VX-9            
162877/AF-400		F/A-18A	        VFA-204         
164879/NJ-301		F/A-18C	        VFA-125         
164577/MM-424		AH-1W	        HMLA-775 Det.A  
158262/MM-401		UH-1N	        HMLA-775 Det.A  
6561			HH-65A	        CGAS New Orleans
N240P/"43-7140"		A-26B	
N25YR/"43-27868"	TB-25N
N9964Z/"92468"		F4U-1D
N326YL/"148946"		UH-34D
N51WW			P-51
N1408N/"140830"		T-34B	
N67GC/"132 ye"		Yak-52

Hangar behind static:
161322/7X		UC-12B		New Orleans

A-10 compound:
A-10A 706th FS AFRC:
78-0582/NO, 79-0136/NO, 79-0144/NO, 80-0160/NO, 
80-0232/NO, 80-0188/NO as "926 FW", 79-0110/KC
OA-10A 706th FS AFRC:
79-0106/NO, 79-0111/NO, 82-0653/NO, 79-0164/KC 

F-15 Compound:
F-15A 122nd FS LA ANG:
77-0069/JZ, 77-0081/JZ, 77-0088/JZ, 77-0112/JZ ,
77-0116/JZ, 77-0121/JZ, 77-0134/JZ, 77-0148/JZ 
and C-130H 79-0480/JZ	

F-15 Hangar:
77-0062/JZ, 77-0071/JZ	F-15A		122nd FS
79-0093/NO		A-10A		706th FS

F/A-18 compound:
F/A-18A VFA-204:
163135/AF-401, 162834/AF-404, 162872/AF-405, 
162863/AF-406, 163165/AF-410, 162905/AF-411,
162853/AF-412, 162854/AF-413, 162909/AF-414	
AH-1W HMLA-775 Det.A:
165052/MM-421, 165051/MM-420, 165328/MM-426

USCG hangar:
6539, 6586		HH-65A		New Orleans
6594			HH-65A		New Orleans

77-0255/NO		A-10A
73-0100/JZ		F-15A
159974/AF-401		A-7E		as 151954
153444/PZ-94		P-3

62-1801/CI		C-130E		115th AS CA ANG
162688/AD-165		F-14A		VF-101
83-0017/FF		F-15C		71st FS
83-0019/FF		F-15C		27th FS
162843/AJ-360		F/A-18A		VFA-125
165365/MM-422		AH-1W		HMLA-775 Det.A
165097/MM-423 		AH-1W		HMLA-775 Det.A
164578/MM-425		AH-1W		HMLA-775 Det.A
159189/MM-402		UH-1N		HMLA-775 Det.A
158287/MM-403		UH-1N		HMLA-775 Det.A
6557			HH-65A		New Orleans

77-0120/JZ		F-15A		wreck
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