The Scramble Show Reports
Robins 2009

Date: 2 May 2009

Made by:


68-0221		C-5A		68th AS AFRC
79-1711		KC-10A		305th AMW
02-1112		C-17A		183rd AS
87-9283		C-130H		96th AS
99-0006/GA	E-8C		116th ACW
76-0132/WR	F-15B		WR ALC
/1		F-16A		recruiting aid TB c/s
91-0364/SW	F-16C		20th FW
91-0369/SW	F-16C		20th FW
93-0533		F-16C		157th FS SC ANG
06-3866/VN	T-6A		71th FTW
68-8148/CB	T-38C		50th FTS
80-1069/BB	U-2S		99th RS
90-07012	C-23B		185th AV MO ARNG
95-26607	UH-60L		1-171st AVN GA NG
164630/AD-30	F/A-18C		VFA-106 $
165284/MP-00	AH-1W		HMLA-773
159189/MP-14	UH-1N		HMLA-773
158215/215	P-3C		VP-30
$ wears a specials c/s to celebrate 30 years of Hornet flying.

Flight Lines:
85-01608	C-31A		GoldenKnights
85-0042		C-130H		357th AS AFRC
01-2005/GA	E-8C		116th ACW
89-0475/SJ	F-15E		334th FS
89-0475/SJ	F-15E		336th FS
66-15283	AH-1F		N830HF
67-15589	AH-1F		N589HF
67-15826	AH-1F		N826HF
163506/AD-332	F/A-18C		VFA-106

Also seen were 8 unidentified Thunderbird F-16s and 5 unread E-8Cs on the far side.
Also not listed was a B-25, some T-6/SNJ’s and some more warbirds.
The Cobras belong to the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation from nearby Hampton Tara

Warner Robins ALC:
68-0212		C-5A		137th AS NY ANG
69-0010		C-5A		unpainted
69-0025		C-5A		155th AS
70-0445		C-5A		68th AS
70-0449		C-5A		155th AS
85-0005		C-5B		436th AW
07-7181		C-17A		437th AW
87-9284		C-130H		nn
(73-0099)/WR	F-15A		gate as 77-0099
Lots of more aircraft on/waiting overhaul remained unknown.
Also parked here on SAR standby was a Medevac UH-60.

ALC Stored:
(63-7559)	F-4C		std as 68-566
(74-0121)	F-15A		pres as 75-043
51-9507		F-84F		std
		F-86		std
(56-2928)	F-100D		std as 62-928
63-8345		F-105G		std

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