The Scramble Show Reports
Moody 2005

Date: 9 April 2005

Made by:


78-0712/DM		A-10A		354th FS          
80-0181/DM	        OA-10A	        354th FS          
81-0990/FT	        OA-10A	        75th FS           
64-14852	        HC-130P	        71st RQS          
89-0512		        AC-130U	        4th SOS           
61-0312		        KC-135R	        97th AMW          
84-0099		        C-21A	        375th AW          
82-0027/TY, 82-0034/TY	F-15C	        1st FS            
87-0192/SJ		F-15E	        333rd FS          
94-0047/SW,00-0223/SW	F-16CJ	        79th FS           
69-15598		UH-1H	        23rd FTS          
87-00090/90A	        CH-47D	        B/1-223rd AVN     
97-26773	        HH-60G	        41st RQS          
98-05078/78D	        AH-64D	        A/1-14th AVN      
70-1569/MY	        T-38C	        479th FTG "479FTG"
95-0045/CB	        T-1A	        48th FTS          
01-3629/MY	        T-6A	        3rd FTS           
166322/HW-70	        MH-60S	        HC-26             
N7YK			Yak-11	        nn                
N44V	                C-47	        ex 41-38596       
N67RM	                T-42A	        '01362'           
N70GA	                C-45	        nn                
N477AW	                OV-10D	        ex 155502         
N500EJ	                C-54E	        ex 44-09144       
N1171Y	                OV-1D	        ex 62-5874        
N2697S	                Ce337	        nn                
N7757	                Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20380

64-14865		HC-130P		71st RQS 
65-0986, 65-0988	HC-130P	        71st RQS 
92-3904/SW		F-16CJ	        79th FS  
03-3678/MY		T-6A	        479th FTG
Plus a number of unidentified T-6s and T-38s.

86-0105/DY		B-1B		13th BS       
64-14859	        C-130E	        8th SOS?      
72-0135		        QF-4E	        82nd ATRS     
94-0043/SW	        F-16CJ	        77th FS       
97-26772	        HH-60G	        41st RQS      
97-26774	        HH-60G	        41st RQS      
61-0911/MY, 63-8164/MY	T-38C	        479th FTG     
64-13298/MY		T-38C	        479th FTG    
68-8157/MY		T-38C	        479th FTG    
95-3003/MY, 98-3543/MY	T-6A	        3rd FTS "3FTS"
00-3570/MY, 00-3575/MY	T-6A	        3rd FTS       
03-3677/MY		T-6A	        3rd FTS       
NX43RW "121881"		F4U-5N	        ex Bu121823   
N73RR			SNJ-6	        ex Bu112131   
NX86FR "31201"		F-86F	        ex 52-4959    
N260DC			DHC-1	        nn            
N777AP	                SNJ-5	        ex Bu43924    
N934JT	                SNJ-4	        ex Bu27522    
N991GM	                AT-6D	        ex 42-85794   
N2047 "Kate 310"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20292
N3238G			SNJ-6		ex Bu112348
N3267G			SNJ-5		ex Bu51971
N3725G "Kate AII-356"	SNJ-5		ex Bu84875
N4447 "Zero AI-111"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20450
N7462C			AT-6F		ex 44-82489
N8044H			T-6G		ex 51-14791
NX9097 "Zero AI-112"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20367
NL10601			P-51D		ex 44-73843
N11171 "Zero AI-115"	AT-6B		ex 41-17422 
N15797 "Zero AI-114"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20408
N15799 "Zero AI-113"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20326
N29931			T-6G		ex 49-3449
N67208 "Val BI-257"	BT-13A		nn
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