The Scramble Show Reports
Peoria 2007

Date: 22 July 2007

Made by:


156123 			CT-156 		NFTC
188791 			CF-188 		425sq
79-0121/KC 		A-10A 		303rd FS AFRC
79-0123/KC 		A-10A 		303rd FS AFRC
93-2042 		C-130H 		169th AS IL ANG
59-1489 		KC-135E 	108th ARS IL ANG
87-0244/SI 		F-16C 		"170th FS" IL ANG
164861/BJ-544 		MH-53E 		HM-14
67-17832 		UH-1H 		Prairie Avn Museum
91-00248 		CH-47D 		F/106 AVN IL NG
83-23876 		UH-60A 		A/1-106 AVN IL NG
NX119RT "2G-745" 	T-28B 		ex 138119
N150D ‘41-18401’ 	C-47 		ex Israel 017
N212YA 			Yak-52 		as Rus 32 y 877505
N333RW "02344" 		TB-25N 		ex 44-86734
NL1042B "29710" 	VB-25N		ex 44-30823
NX2146J 		Strkmastr Mk84	ex Singapore 310
NC17334 		C-47

Flightlines / ramps static side:
85-01607 		C-31A 		USA Para team GK
91-0348/SW 		F-16CJ 		77th FS
94-0048/SW 		F-16CJ 		77th FS
91-00244, 91-00245 	CH-47D 		F/106 AVN IL NG
92-00292 		CH-47D 		F/106 AVN IL NG
162875/AD-343 		F/A-18A 	VFA-106
163487/AD-334 		F/A-18C 	VFA-106
NX17YB "17 rd" 		Lim-5R 		ex Poland 1613
N22NA 			T-6G 		‘93222/TA’
NL51VF "472934" 	P-51D 		ex 45-11553
N129DM 			L-29 		ex Russia c/s
N139PJ "7" 		L-39C 		ex Russia B.A. c/s
N51ZM ‘511471/PI-J’ 	P-51D 		‘Diamond Back’
N3645F 			SNJ-5 		43779

Flightline far side:
93-2041, 94-6701 	C-130H 		169th AS IL ANG
94-6702 		C-130H 		169th AS IL ANG
97-1931 		EC-130J 	193rd SOS PA ANG

69-6428 		OA-37B 		Preserved ANG gate
51-9313 		F-84F 		Preserved ANG gate
68-11160 		O-2A 		Preserved ANG gate
Also present were four Stearmans of the Red Baron pizza team.
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