The Scramble Show Reports
McGuire 2007

Date: 13 May 2007

Made by:


81-0960/CT, 82-0646/CT	A-10A		118th FS CT ANG     
60-0056/MT		B-52H	        23rd BS             
84-0061			C-5B	        436th AW            
85-0032			KC-10A	        32nd ARS            
04-4130			C-17A	        6th AS              
84-0103/CT		C-21A	        103rd OG            
84-0119			C-21A	        458th AS            
58-0087			KC-135E	        108th ARW NJ ANG    
90-0228/SJ		F-15E	        333rd FS            
85-1457/AC		F-16C	        119th FS NJ ANG     
02-4034/TY		F-22A	        43rd FS             
91-0099/CB		T-1A	        99th FTS            
57-2258/CB		T-37B	        37th FTS/41st FTS   
79-23290		UH-60A	        2-104th AVN PA  ARNG
162886/AJ-400		F/A-18A	        VFA-87              
165603/A-161		T-45C	        VT-9                
N45CG			C-45H	        Ashworth, USMC c/s  
N500EJ			C-54E	        ex 44-09144         
N611H			Navion A	private, USAF c/s
N715DT			Ce305A		as OE-1 36889/VS
N740RB "41-1456"	P-40N	        ex 44-7368      
NL751RB "44-13903"	P-51D	        ex 44-74453     
N3703G "124485/DF-A"	B-17G	        ex 44-83646     
NL2825B			RB-25	        ex 40-2168      
N9586Z			TBM-3E	        ex Bu85886      
N46336 "432716/S-36"	S-1B1	        Comm. Air Force 
NC47024			Beech C17B	private
NC49152			O-58B		ex 42-36216
N53292			D75N1		Leestown Aviation
N65491			T-28B		ex Bu138245
The Stearman, P-40 and P-51 were towed to the flight line and departed in the afternoon.

80-0194/FT		OA-10A		23rd FG "23FG" *   
82-0660/FT		A-10A	        75th FS            
74-1626/AF309/HD	QF-4E	        82nd ATRS *        
166623/AA-270		F/A-18F	        VFA-11*            
166658/AD-216		F/A-18F	        VFA-106            
N21YK			Yak-52	        private            
N51JB	                P-51D	        ex 44-73029 *      
NX52XS	                Yak-52W	        2nd Delaware Corp  
N68PW *			EA300/S	        P Wagstaff Airshows
N89PS			Aviat S-2C	Air Force Reserve *
N102YK			Yak-52		Hammerhead Ent.
N310JH			AT-6C		ex 42-4224
N21740, N91811		CJ-6A		Michael Aviation
The Geico Skytypers (see for info) flew with SNJ-2s N65370 #1, N60734 #2, 
N52900 #3, N62382 #4, N52033 #6 and AT-6 N58224 #5. The Thunderbirds were present with #1, 
2, 3, 5, 6 + spare one without number (but with #7 on the inlet cover) all F-16Cs and two 
F-16Ds: #4 and one more spare without number (but #8 on the inlet cover). #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 
6 flew the demo. P-51D N51JB was the lead plane in the Heritage Flight with OA-10A 80-0194/FT 
and QF 4E 74 1626/HD on its wings.

85-0028			KC-10A		32nd ARS *
04-4135			C-17A		6th AS *
85-01607		C-31A		Golden Knights *
57-2602			KC-135E		108th ARW NJ ANG
Plus more than ten unidentified ANG KC-135s on the ramp across the runway.

Flying only:
85-0830/HO		F-117A		9th FS
The 305th Air Mobility Wing proudly hosted the 2007 Air Expo on May 12-13 at McGuire AFB in 
Wrightstown (NJ). The above report is based on a visit on Sunday the 13th only, with clear 
sunny skies; Saturday the weather was pretty much overcast all day. The enormous ramp used 
for the static was quite empty, with only one (US Army) helicopter, no USCG, no USMC, no C-130 
and so on. That said the Thunderbirds have improved a great deal since the last time I have 
seen them. This year the leader of the Thunderbirds Lt Col Kevin J Robbins has not one but two 
women in his team. Second season Maj Nicole Malachowski (#3 Right Wing, the former 494th FS 
Strike Eagle pilot from Las Vegas) has been joined by Maj Samantha Weeks (#6 Opposing Solo). 
The demo itself, indeed compared to the Blue Angels seen a couple of weeks earlier, was more 
than ok. Unfortunately, during the enjoyable good show it ended all a bit too quickly in the 
final break and landing. However, they are certainly something to look forward to in Europe 
this season.
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