The Scramble Show Reports
MacDill 2009

Date: 28 March 2009

Made by:


80-0189/FT 		A-10A 		23rd FG
60-0052/BD 		B-52H 		93rd BS
83-0079 		KC-10A 		nn          
97-0042                 C-17A 		58th AS      
84-0102                 C-21A 		459th AS     
64-0571                 MC-130E-Y 	711st SOS
89-1051                 MC-130W 	nn         
01-1935                 EC-130J 	193rd SOS  
62-3562                 KC-135R 	91th ARS   
83-0008/OK 		E-3C 		960th ACCS
87-0175/SJ              F-15E 		4th FW   
87-0290/FM              F-16C 		93rd FS  
91-0096/RA              T-1A 		99th FTS  
06-27110 		UH-60L 		nn
162166/635 		C-2A 		VAW-120
1719 			HC-130H 	Clearwater
6024 			MH60J 		Clearwater
N64RF 			Lake Bucc 	NOAA
N46RF 			DHC-6 		NOAA

N43RF 			WP-3D 		NOAA
N52RF 			Ce550 		NOAA
NOAA is short for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

79-0223/FT 		A-10A 		23rd FG
80-0194/FT 		OA-10A 		23rd FG
87-0179/SJ, 89-0475/SJ 	F-15E 		4th FW
90-0167 		AC-130U 	4th SOS
--/NJ-113, --/NJ-127 	F/A-18F 	VFA-122
Also present were the USAF Thunderbirds with 7 unidentified
F-16Cs, although only 6 were on the flightline while the 7th being
in the hangar. One of the F/A-18s was identified as 166459,
but it was not clear which one it was.

Far end flightline:
88-01866 		C-23C 		nn
01-0029, 01-0030 	C-37A 		310th AS

KC-135Rs suspected to be of the locally 91th ARS:
60-0324, 64-14830, 58-0071, 58-0120, 61-0284, 61-0300

Flying only:
01-1090 		C-17A 		437th AW
57-1488 		KC135R 		91th ARS
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