The Scramble Show Reports
Willow Grove 2001

Date: 9/11 September 2001

Made by:


76-0516/PA		OA-10A		i/a
70-0453			C-5A		436th AW
63-7776			C-130E		327th AS AFRC
58-0009			KC-135R		126th ARS WI ANG
85-1411/AC		F-16C		119th FS NJ ANG
80-0786/HO		F-117A		9th FS "9FS"
67-15600		AH-1F		1-104th AVN PA ArNG
95-0071/VN		T-1A		71st FTW
97-3017/RA		T-6A		12th FTW
64-13193/MY		AT-38B		479th FTG
68-8186/HO		T-38A		7th CTS
68-8187/CB		T-38A		14th FTW
162753/JT		DC-9		VR-52
161511/7W		UC-12B		NAF Willow Grove
165831/RY		C-40A		VR-59
162431/MG-03		F/A-18A		VMFA-321
162863/AF-406		F/A-18A		VFA-204
163158/VE-14		F/A-18A		VMFA-115
158289/WG-41		UH-1N		HMLA-775 Det A
164588/WG-31		AH-1W		HMLA-775 Det A
161386/MT-401		CH-53E		HMH-772	hangar
165504/MT-408		H-53		HMH-772
161131/LU-131		P-3C		VP-64
160611/611		P-3C		VP-64
164170/E-170		T-34C		TW-5
163614/B-214		T-45A		TW-2
6556			HH-65A		USCG Atlantic City
N4MF			CJ-6		private	2951203
N9CY			L-39		Jet Pro	332744
N76TP			T-28C		ex BuNo 146242
N77YK			Yak-52		private	866812
NX86FR "31201/FU-201"	F-86F		ex 52-4959
N87AN			An-2		private	1G223-31
N122GC			Yak-52		private	9611911
N161JP			T-28C		ex BuNo 140501
N661NA "V-661"		T-28B		ex BuNo 140662
N727JC			O-2A		ex 68-11127
N812BC "7W-812"		SNJ-5		ex BuNo 43812
N3242G "AI-313"		AT-6D		as JASDF Zero
N4028E			T-34B		ex BuNo 143985
N4028G "WN-028"		T-34B		ex ?
NL9590Z			TBM-3E		ex BuNo 91733
-			UH-1		Vietnam Veterans, inside hangar

81-0026/FF		F-15C		27th FS
84-0008/FF		F-15C		94th FS
68-8177/HO		T-38A		7th CTS
161970/MG-01		F/A-18A		VMFA-321	*
161981/MG-05		F/A-18A		VMFA-321	*
161955/1		F/A-18A		Blue Angels
161983/2		F/A-18A		Blue Angels
161948/3		F/A-18A		Blue Angels
161942/4		F/A-18A		Blue Angels
161956/5		F/A-18A		Blue Angels
161963/6		F/A-18A		Blue Angels
161943/7		F/A-18B		Blue Angels
164593/WG-32		AH-1W		HMLA-775/Det.A	*
164595/WG-33		AH-1W		HMLA-775/Det.A	*
158558/WG-42		UH-1N		HMLA-775/Det.A	*
155312/MQ-406		CH-46E		HMM-774	*
157720/MQ-410		CH-46E		HMM-774	*
161385/MT-400		CH-53E		HMH-772	*
161988/MT-403		CH-53E		HMH-772	*
156733/A-922		T-2C		TW-1/VT-9
* = took part in the Air Power demonstration

Far side:
78-0658/PA, 79-0170/PA	A-10A		103rd FS PA ANG
78-0625/CT "103FW"	OA-10A		118th FS CT ANG	*
79-0193/PA		OA-10A		103rd FS PA ANG	*
80-0152/PA, 81-0981/PA	OA-10A		103rd FS PA ANG	*
92-3327, 92-3328	C-12R		A/2-228th AVN
94-0317			C-12R		A/2-228th AVN
63-7769, 63-7805	C-130E		327th AS AFRC
63-7823, 63-7826	C-130E		327th AS AFRC
63-7834, 63-7848	C-130E		327th AS AFRC
158179/05		A-4M		stored
163208/JU		C-9B		VR-56
151891			TC-130G		Blue Angels
165353/NY		KC-130T		VMGR-452	*
165345/MT-404		CH-53E		HMH-772
161992/MT-405		CH-53E		HMH-772
165347/MT-406		CH-53E		HMH-772
161123/LU-123		P-3C		VP-64
160767/LV -767		P-3C		VP-66
Hercules 63-7823 was also logged as 63-7832.

78-0641/PA		A-10A		103rd FS PA ANG
78-0643/CT		OA-10A		118th FS CT ANG
78-0692/PA, 79-0219/PA	OA-10A		103rd FS PA ANG
80-0214/PA, 80-0275/PA	OA-10A		103rd FS PA ANG
82-0647/PA		OA-10A		103rd FS PA ANG
63-7833, 63-7883	C-130E		327th AS AFRC
83-0807/HO		F-117A		9th FS
Only the 'last three' of the Thunderbolts in the hangar could actually be read-off.
The missing parts of the serials were looked up in our database.

The following aircraft were seen at different spots on the airfield (also in the
static park).
110639/35	Me262		77-0248/PA	OA-10A
69-6370/PA	OA-37B		(63-7434)	GF-4C (nose only)
68-16614	UH-1V		33824/7W-28	TV-1
127120/V-209	F-9F		128517/7W	HUP-2
129642/11	F7U-3		135764		XF2Y-1
143568/7W	FJ-4B		143806/7W-00	F-8D
145694/7W-301	UH-34J		146034/E-62	C-1A
154574/LU-00	P-3B		158182/QG-01	A-4M
160386/AF-201	F-14A
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