The Scramble Show Reports
Pittsburgh 1999

Date: 28 August 1999

Made by: Chris Reed, Howard J. Curtis


OV-1D         68-15947   N947AH        Air Heritage Museum 
C-123K        54-664/AH  N22968        Thunder Pig   Air Heritage 
T-37          63576                    AFRC, "Liberty Belle" 
C-130H        79288                    911th AW, 928th AW O'Hare special mk (ex-928 a/c) 
T-38          64-189/RA 
A-10          78-658/PA                111FW? "Fightin' 103rd" 
F-16          90-706                   Toledo  "Stingers" 
C-130H        86-0410                  AFRC "City of Pittsburgh"   911th AW 
B-52H         61-022/BD                AFRC   93 BS 
Super Cub     N1-365 MM 54-2533 EI235   Air Heritage? 
C-130H        86-0418                  "3 Rivers Express" 911 AW  in hangar 
C-130H        86-0411                  "Steelers" 911th AW 
Jetranger     N176P                    PA State Police 
57-0469       GC-130A                  instr. airframe, c/n 3176 
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